The curse of free time

Now that I have free nights and weekends, yep, I’m like a cell phone plan. I’m trying to find ways to fill this time so I’m not bored. Trust me, I’m enjoying not going to class, writing papers or doing research, but I need something to keep me going until April. So I started looking for smaller races to fill in the summer while I’m between half marathons. One thing led to another and I have added some possible races to my 2012 list. Check out these pavement pounders!

  • March – St. Malachi…every year I hear this is a great race, it will fit perfect with Colorado training, so why not give it a shot
  • April – Cleveland 10 Miler….another race with great reviews, I just can’t get enough of Cleveland races
  • June – Park 2 Park Half Marathon…a local, inexpensive half, running within two parks I loved growing up
  • July – Huntington Duathlon…on my list last year, but this time I actually want to do it
  • August – Run, Wine, and Dine….running and wine, need I say more?

Have you ran any of these? Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “The curse of free time

  1. mojamala2 says:

    I have done Malachi and The Cleveland 10 Miler many times. Great time every year. Huge races, a lot of people show up for them.

  2. Heather says:

    I love the Cleveland 10 Miler – it’s such a great race! I have run Malachi a bunch of times but it’s not my favorite.
    I’m doing Huntington, too – but the triathlon. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other! 🙂

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