2012 In Review

It’s the last day of 2012, so it’s time to look back and reflect all that has happened in the last 12 months. Here’s a look at 2012:

  • I traveled for work, a lot. I was able to visit Vegas, Toronto x 2, Dallas, Wisconsin, and New Orleans
  • I got a promotion!
  • I ran my first out of state half marathon even after getting altitude sickness
  • I ran a birthday race & received the best gift, a PR!
  • I ran some other PR’s…Adult 5k, 5 Mile, Half Marathon, & Marathon!
  • I ran for Diabetes
  • I moved to the country
  • I lost a family pet
  • I ran 5 half marathons, 9 total to date!
  • I ran a marathon, 26.2!
  • I vacationed in Colorado, and confirmed my love for the state
  • I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador
  • I ran 609 miles
  • We joined a gym, time to cross train and lift some weights

It was a wonderful year, so many memories, and so many running accomplishments. I had goals and plans set at the beginning of the year. I was able to accomplish some, but not all. That’s what 2013 is for, right?

2012 Goals

  • Run a PR for the half marathon-Done, three times!
  • Run a full marathon (I’m taking the plunge!!)-Done, can’t wait for my next!
  • Run four half marathons in four new states-Nope, only one
  • Run seven half marathons-Nope, only five
  • Travel!-Yes! Lots of traveling!
  • Volunteer at races-Nope, really need to do this one
  • Try a duathlon-Nope
  • Raise and donate money for the American Diabetes Association-Yes, Cleveland Half was all about running for Diabetes
  • Learn German-Nope, still only a few words
  • Learn to cook…no more pasta diet-Work in progress…

What did you do in 2012? Favorite memories?

Show me what you got

2011 was pretty awesome, but I hope 2012 can be even better. I’ve made goals and plans and hopes for the next year. Of course these will change as the year goes on, but I think I can take on anything that comes my way. Here’s my goals and plans for the next year!


  • Run a PR for the half marathon
  • Run a full marathon (I’m taking the plunge!!)
  • Run four half marathons in four new states
  • Run seven half marathons
  • Travel!
  • Volunteer at races
  • Try a duathlon
  • Raise and donate money for the American Diabetes Association
  • Learn German
  • Learn to cook…no more pasta diet


  • Vegas, Toronto, Dallas, Chicago, Long Beach-Work trips!
  • Colorado, Indiana, Maine, Nashville-Running trips!
  • CLE Half, round 2!
  • Columbus Full Marathon, yes that’s 26.2 miles!

So far a lot of traveling, but I’m looking forward to every trip. And like I said, I’m sure more will be added, but I’d say I have some pretty exciting things to look forward to!

What are your goals or plans for 2012?

Year in Review

Here it is almost 2012, and looking back at 2011, it was an amazing year. So much happened to help me grow, discover new possibilities and create new challenges for the future. I’ve learned so much and I can only hope to do so much in the next year to make it just as great. Here’s my 2011:

  • I tried snowboarding for the first time and I am no pro
  • Packers won the Super Bowl!!
  • I traveled to Arizona for the first time, Phoenix is amazing!
  • I ran my first half marathon! CLE!
  • I vacationed in North Carolina, and added another lighthouse to my list
  • I got a new job! Which I love, btw.
  • I moved into a new apartment, it’s fabulous 🙂
  • I went to the Packers/Browns pre season game. Finally saw the pack in action
  • I traveled to California for the first time, not my state, but fun to visit
  • I ran a relay race, Muskies Party of 5 dominated Akron
  • I ran four half marathons this year! Not bad for a beginner
  • Got my passport. Now I can really travel
  • I got my MBA! Best accomplishment of my life

I honestly can’t believe how crazy this past year has been. I can’t wait for 2012. Happy New Year everyone!

What was your favorite memory of 2011?

The curse of free time

Now that I have free nights and weekends, yep, I’m like a cell phone plan. I’m trying to find ways to fill this time so I’m not bored. Trust me, I’m enjoying not going to class, writing papers or doing research, but I need something to keep me going until April. So I started looking for smaller races to fill in the summer while I’m between half marathons. One thing led to another and I have added some possible races to my 2012 list. Check out these pavement pounders!

  • March – St. Malachi…every year I hear this is a great race, it will fit perfect with Colorado training, so why not give it a shot
  • April – Cleveland 10 Miler….another race with great reviews, I just can’t get enough of Cleveland races
  • June – Park 2 Park Half Marathon…a local, inexpensive half, running within two parks I loved growing up
  • July – Huntington Duathlon…on my list last year, but this time I actually want to do it
  • August – Run, Wine, and Dine….running and wine, need I say more?

Have you ran any of these? Any suggestions?