Three Little Letters

M. B. A.

Those three little letters mean the world to me right now. A little over two years ago, I decided I wanted to make sure I would always have the opportunity to advance my career, even in the slump of the economy. I took the GMAT (pretty sure it was the hardest test ever) and applied to one school. Baldwin-Wallace College. Two years later, here I am. I officially completed the program, as of last night, and now have my Masters in Business Administration, my career focus being Marketing.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, how the “real world” works and how to be a better businesswoman. It was a lot of hard work, time and effort, all worth it in the end. Honestly, I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with all the extra time or energy. (Insert marathon training)

Moral of this post…..I’m glad I pushed myself to do this. If it ever crosses your mind to go for higher education, do it. No matter what program, what field, it will help you advance your career and even help you learn more about yourself. The warning: Exhaustion will appear, time will disappear and your social life may have to take a back seat. But worth it, and maybe give BW a look 😉

6 thoughts on “Three Little Letters

  1. Uncle John says:

    Congratulations!!! The hard work will be worth it. Aunt Lori and I are both very proud of you too!!! Now take some of that spare time and enjoy it before you don’t have it anymore!!!
    Uncle John

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