Weekly Fitness Recap

My weekly fitness recaps haven’t been consistent, but I promise I’ll have them posted for the next few weeks until I start my next training cycle. This past week I was fortunate to have vacation time off and spend a few runs outside, in daylight. Even though it was chilly, it was worth bundling up rather than stuffing myself inside the gym for an hour.


This week also started the new year, which means new goals. One goal that’s crossed my mind a few times is a 365 day run streak. I always seem to crumble at the end of the year, so if I felt if I started a streak, I could keep up my mileage and my fitness. I have no clue how it will end up, but it’s worth a shot! I started the run streak on Thursday, and so far so good. The plan is to run at least one mile, everyday. My typical rest days will be a mile, and regular training days will follow my training plan.


Monday-3 Miles + Core

Tuesday- Off

Wednesday- Off

Thursday-3 Miles + Core

Friday-1 Mile

Saturday-5.5 Miles + Core

Sunday-1 Mile

Total Miles-13.5 Miles


Monday was an easy run around my neighborhood, working off some of the holiday feast. Thursday was the first day of the run streak and I had one of the best runs I’ve had in a while. I headed for the trail and was able to hit some decent splits of 8:44, 8:44, and 8:32 without feeling like I was trying. So many 2015 will be the year of speed?


Hello 2015!

Hello 2015!


Friday was the first day back to work since December 19th (amazing!) so I had to wait until after work to get my run in. Lucky for me I was able to grab a quick mile as the sun set, enough for a typical rest day turned streak.


Perfect Friday night

Perfect Friday night


Saturday I was careful about the weather and hit the gym with Mallory. After a slight struggle, I made it through 5.5 miles on the indoor track. We followed it up with some core, something we’re both looking to add for 2015.

And finally Sunday I did a recovery mile in the neighborhood. I was a little concerned my legs would be tired, but I felt great. I would have kept going if the wind was pushing me around so much.

So week one of the streak was successful. I’m hoping to keep the streak alive, but I’ll make sure my body is staying healthy while doing it. If anything, it will help to achieve another goal of 2015, running 2,015 miles. Not all by myself of course. Between myself, Mallory and Mo, we hope to run 2,015 miles this year. And since I don’t have a major marathon on my schedule, running everyday will help me balance out the miles on my third.

Have you ever done a run streak? What’s your motivation to keep running in the winter?

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