Weekly Fitness Recap

Here we are at week two of 2015 and just one week away from my first training cycle of 2015. This was also the first full week of my 365 day streak, and so far so good. But this week wasn’t easy. We had our first polar vortex of the year with temperatures dropping to -23 with windchill. Yikes! But, I made it through, spent a bunch of time at the rec center, and managed to get my highest weekly mileage since the marathon.

Monday- 1 Hour PiYo+ 1 Mile
Tuesday- 5 Miles + Core & Lifting
Wednesday- 3 Miles
Thursday- 3 Miles + Core
Friday- 1 Mile
Saturday- 3 Miles + Core & Lifting
Sunday- 1 Mile
Total Miles- 17 Miles

Monday started with a new class at the rec, a PiYo class. I had barely heard of PiYo, nor taken a class, but after reading the description, I figured it was worth a shot. It was faster than I expected, and my whole body got a work out (my whole body was sore until Thursday). I’m not 100% sure what I think of it, but I like the teacher, so I’ll give it another try. After class I ran my one mile, where my legs felt like jello and called it a day.

Tuesday we got back to our “track tuesday” where we actually did speedwork on the treadmill. Both Mallory and Mo have started their training cycle, so I followed along what they had on schedule, but modified my pace. We ran four 800 repeats with 400m recovery, and I felt exhausted. For some reason, 800’s on the treadmill are so much harder than on the track. I also felt pretty sore from class the night before. We finished up with some core and lifting.

Wednesday and Thursday were relatively uneventful. I ran on the indoor track by myself, both days an easy three miler and listened to Serial. Yep, I got hooked. I finished up Thursday with core and about a million questions for Adnon.

Friday, which is typically a rest day, was just one mile. I also did some core and some lifting, just to even things out.

Saturday I was tempted to run outside because it was absolutely beautiful out, but considering it was in the negative temps all morning, I went to the rec. I managed to run three miles with negative splits. I’m reaching my limit of days that I can run at the rec center per week, but hopefully it’s just because of the added amount of people. I tried to do core and lift, but it was too crowded, so I finished that up at home. And Sunday was supposed to be a longer run, but after Chipotle and after the Packer’s game was over, all I could get out was my one mile.

Overall, I felt pretty good for my first full week of running every single day. For running 11 days in a row, I think I’ve tried to balance things out pretty good. I’ve been able to build a small base these last few weeks which will help to transition into my training cycle.

How do you deal with super cold temps? Do you prefer the treadmill or indoor track?

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