>Disappointments will happen

>Well, this weekend didn’t go as planned. I went to Fitworks for my personal training session, but I was never actually written down in the schedule, so I’ll have to come back in two weeks. The place seemed big, wasn’t in the best location, and took 20 minutes. So they’ll have to wow me to get me interested. Nothing against them so far, but it’s a 20 minute drive, and I would only be able to go 2 times minimum a week. It’s much easier to stay in my building and work out than drive to get one in. But I’m interested to see how they’re able to help people, even if it’s not me.

I did get my body into shape on Saturday, well, my arms and back. We had an additional 6 inches of snow, and being the nice daughter I am, shoveled my parent’s driveway while they were out. My body was sore, but I think I scored favorite points 🙂

This week starts my actual training, and I’m off to a poor start. I had errands to run yesterday so that nixed my chance to workout, I will get things done this week….

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