>Focus now, worry later

>Making a training schedule was harder than I thought. While I knew where I wanted my end goal to be, finding the right mileage so I wouldn’t burn myself out was hard. If I didn’t make this schedule, I would never get there. Let’s be honest, if you have something to follow, you’re going to do it. I’m able to build up to 4,5 miles quickly, but for some reason it was 7,8, and 9 that scared me. Knowing I’d be running that within a few months make me rethink my whole way around this. Silly, I’ve run a 10.8 miles race in the middle of winter in Indiana. I couldn’t feel my feet within a mile, am I seriously worried about running 13.1 in mid May in Cleveland? The weather is probably going to be either high at 75/80 or low 50/55. There is no middle here. Both would be better than the race in Indiana.

Here’s my schedule for next week. I plan on running and biking everyday so that all my muscles will be in shape, and hopefully this will make it easier on my body once I start getting into the harder days. Hopefully this works out. And, GO PACK GO! Green Bay all the way 🙂

Monday- Run 2, Bike 5
Tuesday- Class
Wednesday Run 2, Bike 5
Thursday -Class
Friday- Run 3, Bike 5
Saturday-Run 4, Bike 4
Sunday- Bike 6

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