>A Slice of Spring

>Groundhogs day this year landed in the middle of a blizzard, which left all hope of getting any nice weather around here anytime soon. But, it’s Cleveland, and the weather changes constantly, so I gladly welcomed the warm 50 degree weather we’ve been having this week. Not only did it feel so nice out, but it helped my spirits, and put everyone in a good mood. Unfortunately, I had errands to run, the only nice day I had free from class, so I was forced to run inside after it was dark. Even with that, I was able to get some miles in on the treadmill, yes treadmill. It felt good, and I finally felt like I was getting towards my goal of running the half marathon.

We officially have four Muskie Alums signed up for the Cleveland Marathon. Two are running the full, two are running the half, and my aunt signed up for the half as well. It will be nice to have support, and not have to run alone.

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