Weekly Fitness Update

Another week of solid training is complete and I’m feeling like I’m finally back to my old self (running wise). Thankfully after a few weeks of decent running, followed by three solid weeks of running, I’m getting back to where I feel comfortable and don’t doubt my workouts.

Monday: 0

Tuesday: 7.55 Miles

Wednesday: 0

Thursday: 0

Friday: 0

Saturday: 8 Miles

Sunday: 3.1 Miles + Abs

Total Miles: 18.65 Miles

I started the week with a Tuesday evening accidental long run. I met up with Mallory and we started from the square, down to Roscoe, through a bunch of developments, and up  Route 3. When we started it was still a little light out, but as we continued, it got darker, which meant we were limited on where we could run. Even though we had headlamps and reflective gear, we made some detours to stick to streets that had sidewalks. We ended up going a little further than we planned, but it was a good run and I felt great the entire time.

I intentionally took Wednesday and Thursday off due to my leg. I still had that weird shin, calf, leg pain that would pop up now and then. I had the same thing earlier in the year, when I took time off and then ramped up running a little too quickly. I listened to my body and didn’t push it.

Saturday was my long run, and since I have a half marathon coming up this weekend, I cut back to 8 miles. Just one week of taper after 5 weeks of running, sounds about right to me. I met up with a group for their last 8 miles starting at Buckeye Woods. We ran the marsh and decided to run the Rise and Shine 10k course out on the roads. We kept an easy pace and I felt ok, not fantastic, but also not horrible. I finally fueled at the right time, around 6 miles, and never hit a big wall, even with the hills.

Beat by a buggy, must be going too slow...

Saturday morning views

Sunday I took advantage of the extra hour and slept in for the first time in weeks. With a slow start to the day I didn’t get out the door until 11:30, but I lucked out with shorts and short sleeve weather. I headed to a nearby neighborhood and ran some streets I hadn’t been to for a while. I felt great until about 2.5 miles in, when of course my left leg started acting up. So I headed home and stretched and rolled for a good 30 minutes. I felt something pop in my hip and suddenly everything felt normal. My guess is I’ve had something out of line, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal. I followed the run up with some abs.

Shorts in November? I'll take it!

Shorts in November? I’ll take it!

A pretty easy week, mostly to take care of my body. The goal for this week is to stay healthy, stay hydrated and run an evenly paced half marathon. No need to try for a PR since I know I’m nowhere near sub 2. But if I can keep an even pace for the whole race, I’ll be happy!

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