HOF Half Marathon Training: Week Eight

I have to say, I was looking forward to this week. It was a cut back week, and I knew I needed it. After two straight weeks of headaches and pure exhaustion last week, I needed a break.

Monday- 0

Tuesday-3 Miles, .5 w/u, 3×800 with 400 recovery, .5 c/d

Wednesday- 0

Thursday- 4.5 Miles
Friday- 0

Saturday- 0

Sunday- 10.5 Miles

Total Miles-18 Miles

Tuesday I was limited on time, so I ran my speed work at home. I did 3 hard 800’s, but wish I had time for more. Still, I was able to get some mileage in, and it wasn’t a wasted workout.

Thursday I ran with Second Sole and it was great to actually have daylight after work! We ran from the store, to Roscoe and back. We managed to keep around an 8:50 pace, which felt a little uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure if it was because I hadn’t been running outside much, or the air was still cold on my lungs. But I was so glad when I finished, I felt fantastic!

Sunday I met up with Mallory and Mo and we tackled a road loop of hinkley. It’ was their second 9 mile loop in their 20 mile workout, so we took it easier than their first. I felt good despite the hills, and actually felt stronger than the previous weekend. While it’s hard to keep a steady pace on the hills, we were able to push 8:50 pace on the very few flat sections, and finished with an 8:20 pace.

Little slice of peace

Little slice of peace

Despite the lack of miles and days spent running, I felt great on every run. I finally felt like my body and legs were on the same page, and I could tell everything was clicking by how strong I felt.

I’m looking forward to another week of some higher mileage, another yoga class, and my first race of 2015!

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