Wedding Wednesday

Another month has gone by and we’re that much closer to our wedding. Unfortunately I didn’t get as much done this month as I had hoped. I’m not sure how the month went by so quickly, but here we are just 5 months away from saying I do!

Here’s what we accomplished this month

-Booked our honeymoon

-Booked our florist

-Booked the officiant

-Booked rehearsal dinner


Our two biggest things were booking our honeymoon and booking our florist. I had been working on some florists for a few months and finally made a decision. One less thing to worry about, and hope that everything turns out beautiful!


Our honeymoon was something I was determined to book this month. We changed our minds a few times, but it’s book, and I’m so excited to go to St Martin! Plus this has me both equally freaked out and excited to see.


I’m really determined to get a lot done in the next month, mostly because I know once summer hits things will really fly by. Here’s what I want to accomplish within the next month


-Order invitations

-Buy or make card box

-Book honeymoon flights

-Work on bridesmaid gifts

-Prepare wine bottles for painting

-Finish wedding registry

-Finalize dinner menu for reception

-Decide on formalwear

-Decide on favors

-Order our Guest Book

-Finish our wedding website

Lots to do! What was your biggest task to accomplish? If you’ve ever been to St. Martin, any recommendations on things to do or see?

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