SPIbelt Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a SPIbelt in exchange for a review. In the past, I’ve had a hard time find race belts that fit me or actually stay put once I start running. Over the past few years, I’ve only found one that’s worked for me, and that was FlipBelt. However, never once did I think to try SPIbelt, but I’m glad I did.

If you aren’t familiar with SPIbelt, here’s some background information straight from their website.

“The SPIbelt™ will expand to hold any smart phone, keys, cash, credit cards, and even a passport. The SPIbelt™ is ideal for fitness, travel, medical needs, and so much more. The SPIbelt™ is sleek, secure, and does not bounce.

Product Features:

  • Will not bounce.
  • Expandable, secure, low-profile pocket.
  • Comfortable, soft elastic prevents chaffing.
  • Sturdy buckle and glides for even the most active users.
  • Pocket expands to 6″ x 3″ x 2″

Fits waist size 25″ through 50″. Proudly made in Austin, Texas.”

Slim as can be

Slim as can be

I was definitely curious, knowing that most belts I try on slip within moments of running. Luckily this wasn’t the case, and I was surprised with how much I liked the SPIbelt. To give it a good challenge, I wore it over layers, under layers, during speedwork, during a long run, almost empty, and stuffed to the brim.

Fits perfectly!

Fits perfectly!

Overall, the race belt worked out really well for me. It stayed in place and never slipped. I liked that you could adjust the belt to make it fit you rather than guess on a certain size. I also liked that the pocket expanded and could hold much more than expected when I first tried it on.

Stuffed, but still room for more!

Stuffed, but still room for more!

The only downside was when I stuffed the belt, I felt it was a little heavy and all focused in one area. This of course can change depending on what and how much you put in the belt. But besides for that, there was nothing to complain about.


  • Adjustable band to fit all sizes
  • Expandable pocket to fit multiple items
  • Available in all different colors
  • Reasonable price starting at $19.99


  • If packed too much, can be heavy

In the past few weeks, I’ve definitely starting wearing the SPIbelt more often and I’m looking forward to wearing it for future runs and races!

If you’re interested in checking out the SPIbelt, check out their website here.


*I was given a SPIbelt to try in exchange for a product review. No additional compensation was given. All opinions are my own. 

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