Wedding Wednesday

This past month flew by quickly! But luckily, we were able to get a lot done. Somehow I find myself at a completely stress free point in wedding planning, but I’m sure it won’t last forever. There were a bunch of things we needed to get done quickly, mostly finding a venue and securing a date. This may have been a bit stressful, but after we figured it out, it has been smooth sailing!


What we’ve accomplished

-Wedding Venue Booked

-Wedding Date Picked

-Photographer Booked

-Engagement Pictures Taken

-Bridal Party Picked

-Wedding Dress Picked and Bought

-Colors and Theme Picked

I have to say, we lucked out well on everything we’ve accomplished so far. We had three open dates to choose from and were able to secure my favorite venue on my list! We also found a great photographer and already had our engagement pictures right before the trees lost their leaves. Here are some of my favorites…

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The bridal party, colors and theme has been picked, which will help a lot with planning ahead. But probably the one thing I was so surprised to accomplish was my wedding dress. I found the dress of my dreams at the first shop I visited. And since I cried at least 5 times while trying on the dress, I knew it was perfect. Emotion overload, but the stress is gone!

With just nine months to go, I’m starting to break down projects and figure out what needs to be done now, and what can be split up. I have a few things I’d like to figure out over the next 30 days, and hopefully they’ll be stress free as well!


What I want to accomplish next month

-Create short list of honeymoon locations

-Pick out Bridesmaid dresses

-Engagement Party

-Book officiant

-Research DJ’s

-Research Florists

-Research Cakes

-Design/Order Save the Dates


How did you tackle wedding planning? What were your first projects to accomplish?


One thought on “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Emily says:

    I did the main things first.. getting the photographer, venue, date, florist, church, etc and went to get my dress about 10 months in advance. Granted, we had almost 2 years to plan our wedding so I had a ton of time to get things done.
    I waited until about 6 months to do the registry and DIY things (we made our own photo tables, seating chart, centerpieces, programs. rehearsal dinner invites) but I had my florist do more to make our centerpieces even better. I was in college for the beginning of our engagement and was much closer to where our wedding was (I’m 2.5 hours away from where we got married now) and it was much easier to get things done when I was so close.
    The hardest thing for me was the guest list.. trying to narrow down our friends was not easy, and that and the seating chart took the longest (which you can’t do until you get all of your RSVPs in!) If I could do it again, I probably wouldn’t have assigned seating other than my family.

    I love your pictures! So excited to read more about your planning!

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