Summer Racing

With a number of fairly empty summer weekends ahead and plenty of miles to log, I’ve been looking around for summer races to mix into my training cycle. Most of them are longer races, but that’s because I have some major long runs that I need to accomplish. But with the recent track workouts I’ve been running, I’ve also been craving the perfect 5k to see if I can crush my post college PR.

Here’s a list of the summer races I’m most likely adding into my schedule. Some I’ve registered for, and some I haven’t yet, but all of them have been on my radar for some time now.

  • Park to Park Half Marathon (June 15th)
  • Flirt with Dirk 10k (June 21st)
  • Columbia Station Half Marathon (June 29th)
  • Twin Sizzler 5k/10k (July 4th)
  • Buehler’s Heart & Sole Half Marathon (August 16th)
  • Leave No Trace Half Marathon (August 30th)
  • Run for the Trails 5k (September 1st)
  • River Run Half Marathon (September 7th)

While I can’t run every race, here’s a list of some other great summer races in the area.

  • Towpath Ten-Ten
  • Jim Klett 10k
  • Bay Days 5 Miler
  • Smiles for Sophie 5k
  • Orrville Firecracker 5k
  • Winking Lizard, A Shot in the Dark 4 Miler/2 Mile Relay
  • Classic at Mastick 5k

So that’s how I plan on spending many of my summer weekends, lacing up my shoes and getting some more races under my belt while training for Wineglass. And now you know what races you should be adding to your schedule as well!

What are your favorite summer races?


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