2015 Race Schedule

It’s a few weeks into 2015, but I can finally say I have most of my races figured out for the next 12 months. Originally I wanted to run a race in every month, but I don’t think that will happen now. January is a tough month for races, and most of them are trail. I’m not that good at trails, and combining them with harsh weather is just asking for an injury. So I move on, and look to other races.

There’s no marathon on the schedule, mostly because I won’t have the time or effort to put towards that distance this year. But instead, I’m looking to run more 5k’s, half marathons and spend more time on the trails. I want to focus on speed this year, and break my fear of pushing myself past my comfort zone.

I’ll have two half marathons I’ll focus on this year, Canton in the spring, and Akron in the fall. Both are courses I’ve never run, and both will bring me a challenge. I’ll throw in a few others for fun, but the goal will be to hit 1:55. I know I can do it, I just have to want it enough to push myself through the 10-13 mile wall.

As for 5k’s, well, I’m certain I’ll break 25:00. I’m nowhere near my college speed, so hitting 22:xx/23:xx won’t be happening. But 24:xx, it’s there.

Here’s a look at my tentative race schedule for 2015. It will change, races could be dropped, and races could be added. I’m still waiting on two websites to update, but for right now, this is what I’ve been able to gather.

February 7, 2015 – Blizzard Busters 5k/10k

February 28, 2015 – Flirt with Dirt 10k

March 14, 2015 – St. Malachi 5 Miler

March 2015 – Shamrock 5k/15k

March 21, 2015 – Strongsville Super Saturday 5k

March 22, 2015 – Spring TRAINing 10 Miler

April 12, 2015 – Towpath Half Marathon

April 18, 2015 – Earth Day 5k

April 26, 2015 – Canton Pro Football Hall of Fame Half Marathon

May 9, 2015 – Flap Jack & Jill 15k

May 30, 2015 – Medina Half Marathon

June 12, 2015 – Down and Dirty 5 Miler

June 21, 2015 – Towpath Ten-Ten

June 2015 – Park to Park Half Marathon

July 4, 2015 – Twin Sizzler 5k

July 5, 2015 – Muddy Paws 5 Mile/10 Mile

July 2015 – Wellington Cheese Fest 10k

August 2015 – Buehler’s Heart & Sole Half Marathon

September 2015 – Run for the Trails 5k

September 13, 2015 – River Run Half Marathon

September 19, 2015 – Dirty Rocks 10k

September 26, 2015 – Akron Half Marathon

October 17, 2015 – Chippewa Creek 10 Mile Challenge

October 2015 – Towpath Half Marathon

October 2015 – Medina SPCA Paws for the Cause 5k

October 2015 – Buckeye Half Marathon

November 12, 2015 – Dirty Dirty 12k

November 2015 – Brunswick Devil Dash 5k

November 26, 2015 – Turkey Burner 5k

December 24, 2015 – Frosty 5 Mile

Any races that I need to add onto my schedule? What’s your goal race of 2015?

Summer Racing

With a number of fairly empty summer weekends ahead and plenty of miles to log, I’ve been looking around for summer races to mix into my training cycle. Most of them are longer races, but that’s because I have some major long runs that I need to accomplish. But with the recent track workouts I’ve been running, I’ve also been craving the perfect 5k to see if I can crush my post college PR.

Here’s a list of the summer races I’m most likely adding into my schedule. Some I’ve registered for, and some I haven’t yet, but all of them have been on my radar for some time now.

  • Park to Park Half Marathon (June 15th)
  • Flirt with Dirk 10k (June 21st)
  • Columbia Station Half Marathon (June 29th)
  • Twin Sizzler 5k/10k (July 4th)
  • Buehler’s Heart & Sole Half Marathon (August 16th)
  • Leave No Trace Half Marathon (August 30th)
  • Run for the Trails 5k (September 1st)
  • River Run Half Marathon (September 7th)

While I can’t run every race, here’s a list of some other great summer races in the area.

  • Towpath Ten-Ten
  • Jim Klett 10k
  • Bay Days 5 Miler
  • Smiles for Sophie 5k
  • Orrville Firecracker 5k
  • Winking Lizard, A Shot in the Dark 4 Miler/2 Mile Relay
  • Classic at Mastick 5k

So that’s how I plan on spending many of my summer weekends, lacing up my shoes and getting some more races under my belt while training for Wineglass. And now you know what races you should be adding to your schedule as well!

What are your favorite summer races?


Planning Ahead

It’s hard to believe that the last few months of 2012 are approaching, this year has gone by so quick! It also means it’s getting closer to the time to pick races for 2013! How exciting 🙂 I certainly have a few that I’m determined to do, but I also have some blank spots that need to be filled. I’m no where near having a finalized list of races. I’m still in the browsing stage, seeing what will be available.  Here’s a list of things I’m looking for in 2013 races….

  • Local 5k’s…Living in a new area, I’m hoping I can find some races close to home (15 minutes or less drive time). I find that running is always a great way to explore a new area.
  • Mid-distance races….2013 will be all about breaking 2:00 in the half. If I want to do this, I’ll need to work on my speed in longer distances. I want to find some 10k-10 milers that I can work hard at.
  • Half marathons….What better way to break 2:00 than practice 13.1 miles over and over and over. It’s no secret that the half is my favorite race, I’d love to find more to dive into.
  • The 25 Challenge….This past year didn’t go as planned for travel races, but in 2013 I want to be able to knock some off the list. I’ve already got one planned with a great group of girls!
  • Marathon…..I want to give training another shot, I feel like I owe it to myself. I may learn I love the distance, or absolutely hate it. But there’s only one way to find out.
  • Favorites….I want to make sure I take advantage of running some of my favorite races. I always feel I have a better experience with these.
  • Top Picks…I’m hoping to throw in some races that are top picks by the community. Whether it’s Cleveland or Ohio in general, I want to make sure I’m at the starting line.
  • Challenges….I’m always checking for flat “easy” races. In 2013 I want to try to break that habit, maybe find a race with a hill or two (can’t get too carried away)

So here’s where I need some additional  help….

What races do you suggest I put on the drawing board for 2013?

What races are you scoping for next year?