Medina Half Training: Prep & Goals

Well, here we are. Race day is three days away, and I’m pretty excited. Despite hitting my goal two weeks early, I still can’t wait to see what will happen this weekend. I’ve spent the last sixteen weeks working hard to get here, and I plan to enjoy every moment of the Medina Half.

This training cycle was a tough one, mostly due to the weather, but I stuck it out and pushed myself more than any other training plan in the past. I have to say that I have no regrets about training, and although it varied from the norm, it got me right where I needed to be.

Over the last sixteen weeks, I ran 246 miles, ran nine races, PR’d in four distances and raised $250 for Team JDRF. It all seems like a blur now, and even though I’ve trained for the half before, this cycle was such a great learning experience.

What I learned:

  • Cross training really does help. This cycle was the first time I stuck to a consistent lifting plan, and I noticed results quickly! I felt stronger than ever and plan on keeping this in rotation for future training cycles.
  • Stretching and foam rolling are necessary. In the past, I was horrible at stretching, and would pass on it right away. I made a point to stretch after every run and use the foam roller whenever I felt any tightness in my body. Both of these were definitely key to keeping me injury free this time.
  • Diet is everything. To prevent stomach issues during training runs and races, I really wanted to focus in on what worked and what didn’t with my diet. I completely mostly cut out alcohol during the week, ramped up my water intake and nailed down the perfect pre run foods.
  • I pushed myself beyond a comfortable pace. The first half of training was rough because of all the snow, ice and cold, but the second half I pushed myself beyond my limits. I pushed myself to run a little quicker each run and race to see just how far I could go. This definitely helped in achieving sub 2 so quickly.
  • I used races as training runs. When I couldn’t get to the track, I used 5k’s as mile repeats, and I pushed myself on a few longer races to see if I could get used to the pace I needed to achieve sub 2. I also ran back to back races to see how much I could push myself on tired legs.
  • I had the best support and help. I really opened myself up this year and started running more with MCRR. And honestly, it was the best things I could have done. I’ve met so many great runners, many who helped me this cycle and helped me achieve my goal. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help.

So what does Medina Bring?  A strong race. This course is harder than Cleveland and has two big hills in the first five miles. There is also a ton of gradual incline that is deceiving to the eye, but you feel it in your legs. It’s going to  be harder, but I want to make sure I give it my all.

But I’ll be honest. I don’t think I’ll run sub 2. My legs aren’t prepared as they could be for the inclines and I think it will slow me down some. However, I still want to run a strong race and leave it all on the course. So I plan on lining up between the 2:00 group, and hopefully shoot for a 2:02-2:04. Really, we’ll just see what happens on race day and I won’t be disappointed if I don’t hit that time.

Training review and goals covered, but what do you need to know if you’re running? Well, here’s all the details:

Expo – Friday, May 30th at the Medina Hospital, entrance A, from 12:00pm-6:30pm.

The expo features 2015 registration, packet pick up, over 14 vendors, and registration for the 5k.

Race Day – Saturday, May 31st, Packet pick up will be available at Cools Beans Cafe from 5:45-6:45.

The half marathon starts at 7:00am, and the 5k starts shortly after. But the fun doesn’t stop after the races are complete. The Medina Farmers Market is back for the summer and will be on the square all morning.

There is also an after party at Johnny Malloy’s which will benefit Stand Up for Downs. With kegs, pizza and a DJ starting at 8pm, it’s sure to be a good time.

And so, after 15 and a half weeks, training is winding down. The only thing left is to do a few shake out runs and line up on Saturday. Here we go!

The best moments of Medina Half Training!

The best moments of Medina Half Training!





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