Changing and Rearranging

As much as I’d like to say I’m sticking to what I have planned for 2012 races, I just can’t. After reviewing the logistics of some races, I won’t be able to do them this year. And even though some races removed are out of state, I still have my goal for 25 out of state half marathons, I just can’t rush it.  I’ve gone over the list many times and I’ve made some major changes. Of course the list of races is never really final, it’s now more realistic of what I’m able to do this year.

Races Removed:

  • Sunburst Half Marathon
  • Run, Wine & Dine 5k
  • Nashville Half Marathon

Races Added:

  • Go the Distance 5k
  • Love-A-Stray 5k
  • Mesa Turkey Trot 10k

Races Undecided:

  • NCN Huntington Duathlon
  • Heart & Sole 5k or Half
  • North Coast Challenge 5M

With the freedom of not stressing over big out of state races, I’m open to doing more local races. I hope I can add more to the list than I’ll end up removing by the end of the year. It’s still the year of races, and hopefully a PR.

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