Slowly becoming a runaholic…

Words can’t describe how excited I am for this summer and racing. But after taking a year off of running, I may have bitten more than I could chew. As I’ve mentioned, doing the Cleveland Half Marathon, was exactly what I needed to get back on the horse. I had originally planned four races between now and September. I won’t lie, I’m easily persuaded, and now have six, and looking for more. My aunt suggested the Columbus (Half) Marathon after I crossed the race in CLE. After looking into it, and loving the fact it is a fall race, I’ll be running that just five weeks after the River Run Half. Thinking I’d get bored in between and wanting to stay in shape, I was easily persuaded to do the Akron Marathon Relay with fellow Muskie alums (@mollyberries, @kimikay, @lilypea, @jess_rowland)

The gap between the Girls with Sole 5k and Duathlon is too much for me, so I’m looking into the Winking Lizard Shot in the Dark on July 16th, as well as possibly a race on July 9-10, any suggestions for races? And while all of these races I’ve lined up are great, I’m really looking forward to the River Run Half Marathon. Last year I rode in the Tour de Cure, a great experience for many reasons. This year I wanted to do something on my own, and call me crazy, but I prefer running a half over biking 30 miles. I’ve decided to run the River Run Half Marathon and raise money for Diabetes. The main reason I’m doing this is because my better half has Type 1 Diabetes, but he never lets that stand in his way. He lives life to the fullest and will let you know he’s always “having more fun than you.”

River Run Half Marathon, ADA Donation

So here starts my training for what seems to be an endless summer of races, but I’m looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Slowly becoming a runaholic…

  1. mojamala2 says:

    I race all summer long. I easily get wrapped up in all the races. I just can’t help it, I want to run them all! Ia m doing some of the same races so I hope to “run” into you!

  2. kimi says:

    July 9th is the Parma Pierogies 5k that a bunch of CLE bloggers are doing! And YAY for Muskies, Party of Five! Watch out Akron!

    Also, be sure to mark the Muskingum Alumni race on Aug 28th (I think) on your calendar!

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