>47 days? What happened to four months to prepare?

>There are now 47 days left until the Cleveland Marathon takes over downtown. It’s amazing how quickly the time has flown by and how little I have prepared. This past week was probably my most productive, and I plan on changing that. I spent my Sunday afternoon running with Melissa, my farthest distance yet, plus some hills. Hills are a little challenging for us up north. You don’t really have actually hills here, you have man made ones in the parks. This will do. However, we used to train on the giant hills of Southern Ohio. Muskingum was known for having the hardest course in all of the OAC because of this, which is why no one ever wanted to run there.

Melissa and I created a new training schedule, one that will actually be easier to follow and help me get to my goal by the race. I plan on following this as much as I can. Seriously only 47 days left? I hope I’m ready for this!

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