>Rain nor wind can stop us

>Sometimes running with someone else makes it easier. Considering it was 30 degrees, windy, raining, and chance of hail, that isn’t something I want to venture out in my own in. I ventured out to the east side and met with Muskie alum Melissa to run. I’ll be honest, I’m not in as good as shape and I want and hoped to be by now. She’s been running much more than I have, and I know I definitely need to step it up. There are less than 2 months now!

We did a loop through the neighborhood. It was cold, windy and not ideal conditions, but I did it. I’m feeling it today that’s for sure! But overall I felt great. She’ll be making a new training plan, since I was unable to stick to mine. You learn, this whole half marathon idea still isn’t real to me. I guess it will be when I’m at the starting line.

Went out to dinner afterward, and tried this amazing little cafe in the mall. It had crepes, juice, and smoothies. Being healthy I got cranberry juice and then a chocolate and strawberry crepe. Okay, maybe not so healthy, but delish!

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