Platte River Training: Week 5

Frustration. This is the word I would use to describe my running as of late. Traveling every week has really taken a hit on my body. My biggest concern is that my arch starts to hurt after a few miles on the treadmill, but I’m being smart this time and stopping once I feel any pain. I’m not too nervous yet, I know that my body isn’t used to this. Fingers crossed that once traveling is done, my body will get back to normal.

Monday: 3 Miles

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 2 Miles (Stopped short)

Thursday: 0

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday:  3 Miles

Sunday:  Rest Day

I really struggled with getting anywhere close to the miles I was supposed to run this week. I found this shirt, and decided from here on out, I’m going to have positive training.

No Excuses.

Well, it must have worked. Saturday morning I woke up to snow and decided to “brave the run.” I ran my fastest training run yet. There was something peaceful about running snow covered streets in the countryside of Wooster. I had negative splits, and I may have even had a smile on my face. Here on out there will be good training runs. Goodbye negative attitude.

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