Medina Half Training: Week Five

What a week. I wish I could blame the weather for how different my schedule was this week. In fact, I think I will. This week was way off schedule, but I did what I could. It wasn’t my best, but luckily it ended on a high  note.

Monday, I skipped my Body Fusion class, but for a good reason. Darren came home after a week in India, so naturally I wanted to spend time with him. Knowing he’d be working late all week and transitioning into a normal time zone again, I knew it would be our best chance to spend time together until the weekend. Selfish yes, regret working out, nope!

I missed the perfect weather on Monday night, but took advantage of the decent weather on Tuesday night. It was a bit chilly and dreary, but I was able to get three miles in on the trails before it got too dark. The trail had some sections that were completely covered in ice and snow so there were a few moments of walking, but it felt so good to get outside, in shorts! I discovered a new section of trail, which was a good way to pass the miles.

Same trail, same run.

Same trail, same run.

Wednesday was a complete mess. With the snowstorm all day, traveling home was a disaster. I opted to switch Thursday’s Yoga or run day with Wednesday’s run. I was absolutely exhausted, but was able to do a 20 minute Power Yoga video in the basement.

Thursday, I somehow ended up with too many options. Our Second Sole has started group runs every Thursday at 6:30. We also had a MCRR group run/bar crawl at 7. Due to traffic, I decided to go to the later run, and was so glad I did.

MCRR decked in Green!

Some MCRR decked in Green!

We started at Johnny Malloy’s and ran the back way through town to a bar called Cin Dee’s Place. I had never heard of it, but we ventured to the other side of the tracks, so I had no idea what I was in for. Once we got there, we had some drinks and decided to venture back to the original bar. By this time it was dark and almost not safe to be out running. The sidewalks were a mess, but luckily the cars were kind enough to share the road. We made it back, had a giant feast and ended up drinking/eating until 11:00pm. It definitely wasn’t a typical run, but it was a lot of fun.

Always be hydrating!

Always be hydrating!

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 3 Miles

Wednesday: 20 Minute Power Yoga

Thursday: 3 Miles- MCRR Group Run/Bar Crawl

Friday: Off

Saturday: St. Malachi 5 Miler + 4

Sunday: Off

Total Miles: 15 Miles

Saturday was St. Malachi, more to come on that later this week. I knew I had between 9-10 on my schedule, so I opted to run 5 miles at the race and finish the rest at home. I was desperately seeking some soft ground to run on, and since most of the snow was gone, I headed to Buckeye Woods.

My legs felt tight and heavy, but after spending an hour in the car post race, I figured they’d just need a little bit of a shake out. My first mile was 8:58, but I felt like I was going so slow. My legs were still tired and stretching wasn’t helping. I ended up doing two loops around the marsh, hoping the longer I stayed on soft ground, the better my legs would feel. By the time I headed back through the woods and towards the car, my legs were screaming. My legs were dead and I couldn’t go a step past 4 miles. With 9 miles total for the day, my last four ended up something like this….2.5 miles under 9:00 minute pace, 1 mile at 9:04 and the last half mile was definitely above 9:15/9:20.

However, considering I spent an hour sitting in between running, I’m not surprised with how tight I was feeling during the last four miles. I am surprised I was able to knock out the last miles at or around a sub 9:00 minute pace.

Just me and the trail

Just me and the trail

I had hopes of doing a shake out run on Sunday, but ended up with a bad migraine that took me out for the rest of the day. I was so miserable, that even doing some light yoga was out of the question. So unfortunately I ended under where I wanted to be for mileage, but all things considered, it was still a pretty good week.

Who else ran St. Malachi? Have you done at home workout videos, which ones are your favorite?

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Base Week 1

I’m only a few weeks out from my next training cycle so it’s time to start getting my body into a regular schedule. These next 5 weeks I’ll be ramping up my running and figuring out the best way to cross train to stay injury free this year. Most importantly, I’ll be using DailyMile and this blog to help me me accountable and on track. I’m almost certain that this time frame will be harder than the actual training cycle because I’ll be traveling the entire time. Between five different states and three different time zones, working out will be a challenge, but if I want to run sub 2:00 this year, I’ve got to stick to my plan and not back down.

The first full week of January was a great starting point. New classes were starting at the gym and with other people making resolutions, you can’t help but have a little extra motivation. This quarter I’ll be taking two classes, I was hoping for more, but classes are limited in the evening. Body Fusion is a new class at the rec this year, and I was excited to try it. It starts with a half hour of lifting, ab work and squats and the second half of the class is 30 minutes of yoga. This class couldn’t be more perfect for me because lifting was something I desperately needed help with. Following it up with a half hour of yoga was great to unwind and let me body relax again. The second class I’ll be taking will be Yoga again. Unfortunately because of the water issues this week, the rec center was closed Thursday, so that meant the only way to get some yoga in was a DVD that I had at home.

Monday: Body Fusion Class – 30 minutes of lifting/abs/squats & 30 minutes of yoga

Tuesday: 3 Miles

Wednesday: 2 Miles

Thursday: Yoga – 30 Minutes at home

Friday: Off

Saturday: 3 Miles

Sunday: 7 Miles

Total Miles: 15 Miles

This week I completely fell in love with running again. It’s taken a long time, but I finally reached the point where I look forward to every run again. I’m no longer looking for excuses, but rather keep pushing myself further. There have been points where I thought I was ready to come back, but now I’m ready to get out there and run as much as I can. I even made the decision on my fall race, but more on that later.

Tuesday was my first run on back on the track in a long time. I also started going straight from work, which helps combat the couch keeping me captive all night. Most of the machines were taken and the track was pretty busy, but I will gladly choose the track over the treadmill any day. I was a little tight still from Monday’s class, but nothing a few stretches couldn’t get rid of. I followed Tuesday’s run with a short run on Wednesday. My legs were extremely tight, so I kept it short, but gave it all I had, finishing in 16:29. I’m no where near what I used to be able to run, but I’m hoping these runs over the next couple weeks are the slowest I run all year.

Saturday I had to take advantage of the perfect weather, so I made sure to get a few miles in. I already had plans to get a long run in on Sunday, so I kept it short and managed to get in a little over three miles. The sidewalks were mostly clear, with a few exceptions, and I was able to explore some new streets in a nearby neighborhood. I’ve been fortunate enough to move to a location that allows me to run from neighborhood to neighborhood so the amount of routes I can take just keeps growing.

I finished up the weekend with my first long run of the year. I ran with Crystal, a fellow MCRR member and we headed out on a nearby trail. Footing wasn’t the best, as part of the trail still had some ice on it, but it was so nice to explore a new path and not have to run alone. With the trail and part of my neighborhood we ended up covering seven miles. I felt great and it was the perfect confidence booster to keep me on the right track. I’m thrilled with how much I was able to accomplish this week and hope that it continues to get better from here on out!

Did you start fresh in the beginning of January? Would you rather run on the treadmill or indoor track?

Flying Pig Half Training: Week Five

This week was anything but normal. What was planned as a “get your self in shape to dominate a 5k” turned into “survive the week”. Almost everything this week seemed to be off. Last weekend, in between my non regular race ritual and hanging out in my home town, I went car shopping. This led to not one, but two week nights spent at the dealership. Between this and covering for three different people at work, my brain was mush. The last thing I wanted to do was  head to the gym at 9:00, have dinner at 10:00 and then pass out at 11:00. Needless to say this meant Monday and Wednesday were out on my workout schedule.

Tuesday, which was meant to be a rest day, that would be turned into a make up workout day, quickly turned into spending time at home. Between last Friday and this past Saturday Darren was in Colorado for 5 days and Mexico for 4 days. This left Tuesday night as the day he’d be home for 12 hours in between trips. Sometimes there are more important things than running, like spending time with a loved one and catching up on this crazy life.

Thursday however, was where I got myself  back into gear. I squeezed in three miles before yoga, and after three days off, I felt better than a normal run. After that I had my hardest yoga-lates class to date. We started off with some hard core Pilates moves and within 10 minutes, my legs were dead. During that hour, I pushed myself to the limits (as much as you can in yoga) and left class feeling like a whole new person. Sometimes all you need after a crazy week is 90 minutes of pure sweat.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Off

Thursday:  3 Miles, Yoga-lates

Friday: Off

Saturday: Sole to Soul 5k + 4.6 miles

Sunday: Off

Total Miles: 10.6 Miles

Saturday was the Sole to Soul 5 in Avon. I had been looking forward to this race for quite some time. I couldn’t make it last year, so I knew to plan my schedule around it this time. I was more excited that this race would be taking place in my hometown. Any time I can run on the streets I grew up on, I jump at the opportunity. I knew I also had 8-9 on the schedule, so I wanted to start off with the race and continue with some miles on one of my favorite loops.

My legs were pretty tight before I even got to the race, Yoga class on Thursday was still rough on my legs. I hoped by the time they had a few miles in them, they’d relax a bit and start to feel good. Not so much. My legs felt great for my race (post coming this week) and then they went down hill after that. I started my post race miles on one of my favorite loops around my old house. A little over a mile in, I started over heating and cut through a short cut to take some layers off at home. Once I did that, I started out again, but this time I decided to go in the opposite direction. I turned the corner and saw two chickens, a rooster and a duck crossing the road. I found it funny and instantly thought of the joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” The answer in this case was to chase me. As soon as I passed them, they started running after me. I must have looked ridiculous being chased by these birds.

Crazy wildlife

Crazy wildlife

After that encounter, I started to map out my route. I did 2 miles with my first loop, so all I needed was 3 more and I’d be done. Over the next couple of minutes, my legs started feeling tired again. Three miles isn’t a lot to run, but with each step my legs were feeling dead. I did a short out and back with the opportunity of running a decent sized incline on the way in. I knew I was home free once I turned on my street. Within a half mile of being done, I passed a yard with a Rottweiler. He barked on my way out, but didn’t really do anything more than stand up and walk towards the edge of the yard. This time, I was on his side of the street with cars coming in both directions. I had no other choice than to run right along his territory. He wasn’t too thrilled about this and lunged at me, clamping his jaws down an inch from my arm. I screamed, I panicked, and sprinted the entire way home. A car stopped and turned around to see if I had gotten bit, but as I kept running, they kept driving. I had never experienced anything like that, and was more furious than anything else. A half mile short of my goal, but I was done for the day.

This week was eventful, and led to not hitting the miles I needed, but I’m not too concerned. I’m halfway done with training, but I feel confident that I can run a good half marathon. I’m cross training, doing yoga, and hitting mile times I didn’t think I could get close to. I still have 6 more weeks to get a few long runs in. I know that these next few weeks will really count.

How was your week? Have you ever had any animal encounters while running?


Flying Pig Half Training: Week Three

This week was exactly what I needed. I started out with an amazing run and was able to keep that momentum throughout the entire week. My total miles still may be low, but I felt great on every run. I wanted to make sure I got out of my rut and enjoyed running. Luckily I did, and not only did that help me with my pace, but it helped me with  my distance. My best run this week was Wednesday, I originally had 4 on the schedule and was ready to take on 40 laps on the track. I quickly noticed that my pace was sub 9:00 and told myself not to go out too fast. I fell into a comfortable pace and noticed that mile 2 and 3 were still 8:58. I only had one more mile to do, so I kept with it. Finishing up mile 4 at 8:49, I figured why not see how much more I can run, I would probably end up tired within the next mile. Mile 5 went on by and soon I was on to mile 6. By this point I was just above 9:07 per mile and knew I wouldn’t be going that much further. Once I hit 70 laps, I finished, but I was more than excited about my run. I had just done my long run on a Wednesday night, and ran mostly at a sub 9:00 pace, putting me at a 1:02 finish. It truly made me believe that sub 2:00 is possible this year. I don’t know where it came from, or how I was able to run for that long on the track, but I was so glad I did. I felt like it was exactly the run I needed. Plus, the stress of my long run for the week was over.

My other runs were shorter, but my pace was under 9:30, and I kept them pretty easy. I had hoped to enjoy a longer run outside on Sunday with the beautiful weather, but after I forgot to eat lunch, and running at 7pm left me with little energy to get out the door.

I also had my first Yoga-lates class this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured  my abs would be screaming at me. To be honest, I felt like 90% of the time was just stretching. I wasn’t sweating like a good run, and I was ready to go home before class was over. I felt relaxed, but I didn’t feel like I was working hard. And then for the next two days, I felt like I couldn’t lift my arms. I was sore in places I didn’t know I had muscles, and could completely feel the benefit of yoga. I’ve realized I’m more of a Pilates person, but I’m hoping to enjoy the rest of my classes (only three left) and become relaxed, something I haven’t been in a while.

Monday: 3 Miles

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 7 Miles

Thursday: Yoga-lates

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: 1.5 Miles

Total Miles: 11.5 Miles

Low total mileage, but great workouts, very pleased with this week. This next week is supposed to be a low mileage week, but I may push it to see what I can do. I’ll be running in my hometown over the weekend, so that can only mean great runs! I also have the decision to make about which race to do Sunday morning. Early flat 5k or late hilly 5k…

How was your week? Are you running a St. Patrick’s Day race?

Don’t forget to breathe

I meant to write this last week, but I’ve started doing one of the hardest things to date. Yoga. I took a Pilates class back in high school and it really helped with my breathing and running. I’ve always wanted to start up again, but either didn’t have time or I just couldn’t let myself spend $20 on one class. But one of the perks with my new apartment is that there is a free yoga class once a week. So Thursdays nights, while I have free time in between semesters, I’ll be working on my breathing and stretching.

I didn’t know what to expect, it was a lot harder than I thought. I’m not flexible so many of the positions weren’t perfect. And half of the time I forgot to breathe, instead I would hold my breath. I’ve realized this  is the hardest thing to do. I felt great after the class finished, and I’m excited to keep going. And with it being free, there isn’t a reason not to go. I still would love to find a Pilates class around that isn’t a bank breaker, but my schedule will be way to hectic until December.

Which do you prefer, yoga or pilates?