A little tan and relaxation

This past weekend was amazing, crazy and full of events.

Wednesday we made the drive from Columbus to Ocean Isle just in time to see the beach and enjoy the wedding rehearsal.

Thursday was beach day followed by the wedding, it was on the beach and absolutely amazing! My almost dream wedding (mine includes lighthouses, of course)

The weather was hot and sweaty and windy, which does not make for the best pictures, so we looked like a hot mess

Of course the best way to fix this was to jump in the pool!

Young and old, about 95% of the guests were in the pool by the end of the night. Friday was beach day, and everyone was burnt except for me. Strange, because I’m always a lobster thanks to my Welsh/Irish/Scottish heritage.  And Saturday we headed back to Ohio, but not without stopping at Oak Island Lighthouse!

The weekend was successful with a beautiful wedding, perfect weather, and tons of food. Now it’s back to Ohio and good ole Lake Erie. I’m definitely going to miss sweet tea and fresh seafood. Guess I’ll have to find another excuse to go back.