Trainer Review

Last month I purchased some new shoes. Many times I’ve mentioned that I’m an Asics girl, I’ve had the same shoes for the past 10 years. I branched out (a little) and tried a new series by Asics. I got advice from Second Sole that the GEL-DS Trainer 16 was a good racing flat. So I bit the bullet, paid a little more money than expected and figured I’d give it a shot.

So I put them to the test. First I took them for a run on the treadmill. They were way too clean to take out in the mud. Whoa! These shoes are so light. I definately didn’t expect to notice such a difference. I felt like I was able to run faster than before. I even pushed up the incline and had a big boost of confidence.

Second test was taking them out on the bike. I don’t have real biking shoes so I’ve been using my running shoes, which are pretty bulky. The shoes again were lightweight and stayed on the pedals just fine. I don’t plan on buying shoes for the bike for a while, so this is a great option to have in between.

Third test was taking these shoes to the street. I’ve hesitated on this just because I hate the first time shoes get dirty, but after that I’ll be the first to run through a puddle. I took them out Monday to do those easy miles I originally planned, but in the short time I had them on, I felt like they were great shoes to really take to the streets and race in.

Pearly whites!

Overall, I love these shoes. They’re so light I feel like I’m running barefoot. The laces are on a slight diagonal slant so it doesn’t put too much pressure on the top of my foot. They also have a weird cut out in the back of the shoe, but I think it helps to provide a little bit of support lower in the heel. They give enough support that my ankles are rolling around. Plus the comfort level is way up there. These shoes are an A+ in my book, so go check them out!

Yep, my feet really are that tiny

>Good Support

>Running a half marathon is hard work, training for it is even harder. I don’t have the motivation to go out and try to run 5 or 6 miles. That’s because it’s the middle of January, and May still seems so far away. The biggest thing needed right now is support from friends and family. While its great to have that the day of the race, having them there to cheer you on during training is even better. It’s the hardest part. Of course when you should up at the starting line, you’ll try hard. But what or who pushes you now, helps you in the end.

One of my best support groups is the cross country team from Muskingum. Four years of running together and lasting friendships that have made it past college. I jokingly suggested that we all run the half together, thinking it probably wouldn’t happen since we are from all over Ohio. Well, we have our team again. As of now, two of us are doing the half, and two are doing the full. Even though we aren’t all doing the same race and won’t end with the same time, having the support of those who know you and will be there make all the difference. With 107 days left, I better get my (actual) training started!