Weekly Fitness Recap

Another week back to off season training, and this one was a little hard to start with. Since the time change I now get home to complete darkness, so unfortunately it takes a lot more effort to get myself up and out the door running. Luckily the local rec center has not only treadmills, but an indoor track, so I can get some running in without feeling too caged.

Monday– Off
Tuesday– 3 Miles
Wednesday– Off
Thursday– 4.1 Miles
Friday– Off
Saturday– 5 Miles
Sunday– 2.65 Miles
Total – 14.75 Miles

I didn’t quite hit my goal of 15 miles, but I was close. I started the week at the indoor track and forgot how quickly it can become boring. But I definitely felt strong and speedy so the laps went by quickly. Thursday I met up with Second Sole and we braved the rain and windy for a 4 mile run around town.

Saturday I met up with some MCRR members at Buckeye Woods and had my longest run since the marathon. The wind was brutal so it was a little tougher than I had hoped, but it was nice to run with a group at my favorite park.


Hills for days

Hills for days

Sunday I knew I wanted to try somewhere new, so I checked out one of the local parks. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it ended up being a harder run than I originally thought. Allardale is full of trails and hills, but I managed a decent pace and quickly fell in love with the park.

This week wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but that’s the beauty of off season. If something doesn’t go as planned, it’s ok. Now I just need to work on extending my long run and getting used to running the indoor track.