St. Malachi 5 Mile Recap

Saturday I ran the St. Malachi 5 miler for the second time. It’s hard to believe that I haven’t run this race that much before, because it is becoming a favorite. With such a unique distance, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to race it or use it as part of my long run. I decided I’d take it easy and use it as part of my long run. Somehow I was able to convince my friend Elayna to sign up for the race so we could run it together. Because this was her first St. Malachi, I asked her to do a recap to get her perspective on the race.

“In a not-so-typical last minute fashion, I agreed to race with Chelsea for the St. Malachi 5-mile.  Prior to this, I had gone on a few runs that were between 3-4 miles, but I hadn’t really pushed much more than that.  About 20 minutes before I left that morning, I checked the map, and instantly got excited. The race ran through downtown Cleveland, up and around Cleveland Browns Stadium, and finished off in one of my favorite spots—Ohio City.  Even though I don’t really enjoy running too much, I really like spending time with Chelsea, so it always ends up being fun…and I feel pretty good when I finish running too!

So we hustled down to the Ohio City area, desperately looking for a parking spot. Luckily we had just enough cash to pay for my entry and parking. We ended up having a little warm-up jog, dodging everyone who had finished the two-mile to pick up my race packet, run back to the car, run to the bathroom, and head out for the race. As we approached the start line, it was clear the race had started just a few moments before—so we were off!!

I have done 2 races other than Malachi in my life—so I’m not exactly speaking from experience here. But the first mile felt pretty good–it was a lot of weaving before we found a comfortable pace. Chelsea was kind enough to slow down and run with me, which is typically a 10-11mi/mile pace.  About a half a mile in, we passed some cute Irish dancers accompanied by traditional Irish music, which picked up the spirits of the whole group of us running down St. Clair.  The second mile we felt pretty comfortable, and by the 3rd we spotted one of my husband’s best friends booking it around the stadium on his way around. He paced under a 7mi/mile finish, so he was quite a ways ahead of us at that point. It’s always fun to see a familiar face! The 3rd mile was a bit rough for me; drinking the night before seemed to have caught up, and I started cramping up a bit (from dehydration?) and I had some mild medial ankle pain in both feet. It was nothing worth stopping over, so we kept on trucking, nice and easy.

Honestly, there’s nothing like a few long hills to put you in your place. Miles 4-5 both had longer inclines that slowed up more than a few of us, but we kept on going. It ended up being well worth it, because as we plateaued on the Detroit-Superior Bridge, you get this great view of the mouth of Ohio City. The downhill toward the finish is full of fans on the sidewalk, cameras, and echos of the finish-line celebration down closer to the Flats.  Chelsea, with all of her wisdom, told me not to run too quickly, but honestly I thought the finish line was much sooner than it ended up being! I found myself wondering, “where the heck is the finish line?!” once the hill bottomed out.  We made it eventually, with a little bit steeper of a decline this time, and finished just over 53:00 minutes.  It was well worth it. I’d recommend the race to other people who A) want to consider running a little more seriously (there is a 2-mile option), B) want to start off St. Patty’s Day Weekend in Cleveland right, or C) want to explore downtown and the shore way a bit!

I am really excited for what Spring and Summer have to hold. This winter has been rough on all of us out here in Cleveland, and I think that cabin fever has lead me to enjoy the weather and running a bit more than I have in the past. I’m looking forward to doing a few more races before the fall, and hopefully I’ll do some of them with Chelsea. I don’t think I would have made it if I didn’t have someone to talk to who’s as great as her.”


St. Malachi Finishers!


Medina Half Training: Week Five

What a week. I wish I could blame the weather for how different my schedule was this week. In fact, I think I will. This week was way off schedule, but I did what I could. It wasn’t my best, but luckily it ended on a high  note.

Monday, I skipped my Body Fusion class, but for a good reason. Darren came home after a week in India, so naturally I wanted to spend time with him. Knowing he’d be working late all week and transitioning into a normal time zone again, I knew it would be our best chance to spend time together until the weekend. Selfish yes, regret working out, nope!

I missed the perfect weather on Monday night, but took advantage of the decent weather on Tuesday night. It was a bit chilly and dreary, but I was able to get three miles in on the trails before it got too dark. The trail had some sections that were completely covered in ice and snow so there were a few moments of walking, but it felt so good to get outside, in shorts! I discovered a new section of trail, which was a good way to pass the miles.

Same trail, same run.

Same trail, same run.

Wednesday was a complete mess. With the snowstorm all day, traveling home was a disaster. I opted to switch Thursday’s Yoga or run day with Wednesday’s run. I was absolutely exhausted, but was able to do a 20 minute Power Yoga video in the basement.

Thursday, I somehow ended up with too many options. Our Second Sole has started group runs every Thursday at 6:30. We also had a MCRR group run/bar crawl at 7. Due to traffic, I decided to go to the later run, and was so glad I did.

MCRR decked in Green!

Some MCRR decked in Green!

We started at Johnny Malloy’s and ran the back way through town to a bar called Cin Dee’s Place. I had never heard of it, but we ventured to the other side of the tracks, so I had no idea what I was in for. Once we got there, we had some drinks and decided to venture back to the original bar. By this time it was dark and almost not safe to be out running. The sidewalks were a mess, but luckily the cars were kind enough to share the road. We made it back, had a giant feast and ended up drinking/eating until 11:00pm. It definitely wasn’t a typical run, but it was a lot of fun.

Always be hydrating!

Always be hydrating!

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 3 Miles

Wednesday: 20 Minute Power Yoga

Thursday: 3 Miles- MCRR Group Run/Bar Crawl

Friday: Off

Saturday: St. Malachi 5 Miler + 4

Sunday: Off

Total Miles: 15 Miles

Saturday was St. Malachi, more to come on that later this week. I knew I had between 9-10 on my schedule, so I opted to run 5 miles at the race and finish the rest at home. I was desperately seeking some soft ground to run on, and since most of the snow was gone, I headed to Buckeye Woods.

My legs felt tight and heavy, but after spending an hour in the car post race, I figured they’d just need a little bit of a shake out. My first mile was 8:58, but I felt like I was going so slow. My legs were still tired and stretching wasn’t helping. I ended up doing two loops around the marsh, hoping the longer I stayed on soft ground, the better my legs would feel. By the time I headed back through the woods and towards the car, my legs were screaming. My legs were dead and I couldn’t go a step past 4 miles. With 9 miles total for the day, my last four ended up something like this….2.5 miles under 9:00 minute pace, 1 mile at 9:04 and the last half mile was definitely above 9:15/9:20.

However, considering I spent an hour sitting in between running, I’m not surprised with how tight I was feeling during the last four miles. I am surprised I was able to knock out the last miles at or around a sub 9:00 minute pace.

Just me and the trail

Just me and the trail

I had hopes of doing a shake out run on Sunday, but ended up with a bad migraine that took me out for the rest of the day. I was so miserable, that even doing some light yoga was out of the question. So unfortunately I ended under where I wanted to be for mileage, but all things considered, it was still a pretty good week.

Who else ran St. Malachi? Have you done at home workout videos, which ones are your favorite?

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