Seasons Change

It is finally the end of wedding season this year. Five out of five weddings complete….and already two on the calendar for next summer. This past weekend we headed out to the country for my cousin’s wedding on one of my uncle’s farms. The weather was beautiful, the ceremony was short and being able to see the whole family was a bonus.

My 14 year old sister…who is as tall as me

As soon as the ceremony was done, we headed back up north to Cleveland to see the Browns take on the Packers….I’ve been waiting for this for months! Football season is here! We barely made it in time, and I was excited to see I wasn’t the only who wasn’t wearing orange or brown. Although I did hear some fans calling me out for carrying around my giant cheese. Overall, it was a great game. I’ve always wanted to see the Packers play in person. Regular season and in Lambeau Field would be ideal, but I’ll take what I can get. It was an exciting game, and even though we lost, I know it will be a great season. Afterall, the Browns beat the Packers last year in preseason and then they ended up winning the Super Bowl…maybe history will repeat.

Are you a Browns fan?

If you are, then you are like many other Clevelanders who have been waiting all year for football season. To some, it is the best time of the year. And the fact that it lasts through February, makes it even better. And this is the year, right? The Browns will win the Super Bowl?


I fully support you and your dedication.The most important people in my life are Browns fans.


I am a proud Green Bay Packers fan, and now I lost most of my readers. I have been a Packers fan for as long as I can remember. I am more than excited that they will be in Cleveland tomorrow. So you can bet that I plan on being at that game. I’ll be leaving my cousin’s wedding early (don’t worry they’re already married, it’s their second ceremony) driving three hours back to Cleveland, just in time to see the game. So I apologize if you can no longer read my blog, but hopefully my choice won’t be too upsetting for too long. And don’t worry, I still love Cleveland!