MDI Week Two

Last week was almost an embarrassment to my training schedule. I originally had high hopes of packing in the miles, but in the back of my mind, I knew traveling would dominate and put a back seat to my running. Lucky me got to visit the home of the Cheeseheads, three days in Wisconsin, and just an hour outside of Green Bay. Tuesday through Thursday I spent sun up to sun down in meetings. I traveled between Milwaukee to Oshkosh and back down to Milwaukee again. I spent a lot of time learning from the president of the company and hearing what our customers thought of our products. It was an insightful week, but lacked running. Being on my feet or in the car the entire time, wore me down, and I was left with no motivation or time to run.

I was fairly disappointed with the amount of running I didn’t do. However, I was able to score some Packers gear during a five hour wait for our delayed flight. (Thanks United for a horrible experience!)

Decisions, Decisions


So this week I plan to get things back on track. Race schedule shows the Park 2 Park Half Marathon this Sunday. I have yet to make a decision on this race, but it’s coming close to crunch time if I want to run or not. I’ll have to see how this week goes and if I’m able to get in some long runs, I’ll take a shot at another 13.1.


Has travel ever changed your training schedule? How do you balance traveling and running?



MDI Week One

In just 16 weeks I’ll be up in Maine, enjoying the coast, checking out lighthouses, eating lots of seafood and running my second out of state half marathon. I’m so excited for this race, not only because it’s in Maine, but because it goes through Acadia National Park, right where my favorite lighthouse is. This is seriously a dream race, so I had to get it done in the first year of the 25 challenge. The Mount Desert Island YMCA Half Marathon has been a race I’ve had my eye on for the past year. It’s limited to 400 people, park limit, and has been closed out for months. Unfortunately MDI training will be overshadowed by marathon training after the first month, so this is my time to really put in the miles and get ready for what fall brings.

After taking a week off post Cleveland, I was certainly ready to get back into my shoes. Mentally and physically I feel better, I’m ready for my next training cycle. I had plans to rack up the miles this week, but I had to scale it back a bit. I’m still a bit nervous my knee will start to ache if I run too much too quickly. Luckily, I was able to break in my Asics 1140. The first couple days I tried them after Colorado I had major shin pains. This time around, the pain only lasted a few feet, sounds like a solid start to me!


Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 2 Miles

Wednesday: 3 Miles

Thursday: 6 Miles

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 3 Miles

Sunday: Rest Day

So what do I expect for the month of June? I’m hoping to get a lot of miles in, ramp up my training and prepare myself for those long runs that are right around the corner. I don’t have as many races on the schedule, but I’m hoping the half later on this month will be my best one yet.

This week I’ll be in Wisconsin for work, so getting miles in may be a bit tricky. I already have a packed schedule, and will be on the move constantly. Here’s to a new training cycle and some marathon prep!