July Rewind

July is already over and it’s hard to believe that summer is going so quickly! July was an extremely busy month that mostly consisted of working, running, eating and sleeping almost every single day. I stepped away from the blog this month some and didn’t have a Friday favorites or 365 photo recap, but honestly, I don’t think I would have had time. This month was a busy one, so let’s take a look at the numbers….

Miles run: 111

Races run: 4 (Twin Sizzler 5k/10k, Trail Monster 5k/15k)

Miles biked: 0

Favorite Workout: 7/26 – 18 Mile Long Run

Books read: The Runner’s High

Recipes: Shipwreck

July was full of running and had some great workouts. I hit my highest month of mileage yet, and nailed every long run I had scheduled for training. I didn’t run as many days or miles as I originally planned, but I scaled things back in the last week or so of July to keep some pains at bay and prevent injury.

I tackled 4 races this month, but had a different goal in mind. I attended races that had multiple races for the day and combined them to create my long run. The Twin Sizzler put me in my place and the Trail Monster gave me a deeper insight to technical single track. I loved the experience of both, but plan on sticking to one race per day in the future.

My favorite workout came at the end of the month with my 18 miler. I focused on a close to marathon pace for a majority of my run and ran those 18 miles in just over 3 hours. I never thought I could hold that pace for so long, or come in that close to three hours for 18 miles! This run was a huge confidence booster because last year I failed at my 18 miler.

I didn’t do so well on biking or reading this month, but as always I promise to think about it at least once next month, and maybe get back into it. Truthfully, I’m just too exhausted all the time to add anything else into my day.

August will be full of more miles, and hopefully no injuries. I also have one of my favorite half marathons coming up and I can’t wait to see how I do.

What was your favorite thing from July? What plans do you have for August?