Wineglass Marathon Training: Week Five

What an interesting week. This week didn’t necessarily go as planned, but in the end, I made the right decisions for training. I intended to have another high mileage week, but needed to cut back as a prevention. My body was tight and sore for every run this week, so I added in some extra rest days to recover. My biggest focus is staying injury free so I listened to the warning signs and played it safe.

I started the week with Body Fusion, and I felt great. We used heavier weights and I could feel myself getting stronger with each rep. Yoga was on point as well, and it really helped to clear my mind. I may have even become a little emotional towards the end.

Tuesday went downhill quickly. I went up to the track, but even as I started my warm up, which was a 10 minute pace, I was falling apart. I figured I’d play it by ear, and try not to push myself too much due to the heat. Well, I barely got one mile repeat in before I threw in the towel. I struggled and could feel myself fading fast. So I did a mile cool down, and decided I’d push my speed work to Thursday. I spent all night beating myself up about the workout, but in the end, I know my body was still tired and partially dehydrated from Sunday. Even though my mile pace wasn’t horrible, I don’t think I would have benefited from overdoing it in the heat.

Wednesday was a rest day, which my body gratefully took advantage of. Then Thursday I did an easy shakeout run before Friday’s race. I ran part of the neighborhood and part on the trail. My pace was probably quicker than I wanted the night before a race, but I tried to keep it light and easy.

Friday was the Twin Sizzler 5k and 10k.  Yep, you read that right, I ran both the 5k and 10k. I’ll have my recap later this week, but it was also my long run, so I added on 5 miles in between and after the races. I ran a half mile warm up, ran the 5k, ran 1.5 miles around town with Mo, ran the 10k, ran 2 miles around town, and finished up the last mile in my development for a total of 14 miles. This was definitely a tough run because the later it got, the hotter it was and I was struggling. My legs were tight for about 12 of the 14 miles and my knees and arch starting hurting towards the end. It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done.

Red, white, blue and happy post 14 miles!

14 red, white, and blue miles!

Saturday I took as a rest day because my legs were in rough shape. Sunday I had planned to do an easy run, but ended up having a little too much fun from the wine party we hosted Saturday evening. Instead I spent the day on the deck, enjoying summer and time with my better half.

Monday: Body Fusion Class – 30 minutes of lifting/abs/squats & 30 minutes of yoga

Tuesday: 3 Miles, 1 Mile W/U, 1×1600 (8:11), 1 Mile C/D

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 3 Miles

Friday: Twin Sizzler 5k/10k + 5 Miles

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Off

Total Miles: 20 Miles

This week was rough, and I struggled with the heat. I thought I was hydrating enough, but apparently I’m not. Looks like I need to increase my intake of water and Nuun every day. I also need to work on adjusting with the heat. I’m ok for the first half of my long runs, but that changes quickly.

This week was supposed to be my cut back week, but I’ll be changing that since I had low mileage last week. I need to make sure I hit my mile repeats at the track this week, and I’ll be adding in a hill workout, because after Friday’s 10k, it’s clear I’m not doing enough hills!

Wineglass Marathon Training: Week Four

How is it week four already? I can’t believe how quickly these weeks are passing, which means summer is flying by too! We’re a month in, and I already feel better than I did for Akron and Columbus. This week was huge for me and a great way to see just how far I’ve come.

I started Monday with Body Fusion, where I was one of two people in class due to the crazy weather. I almost didn’t go, but made it through the storm and was so glad I did. The instructor even noticed how much I’ve toned since January.

Tuesday was track day, and I was almost certain I was going to get rained out. Luckily the weather was a complete 180 from work and we had sunny skies, dry track and 85 degrees. I attempted my first ladder workout in probably 6 years, and as hard as it was, I actually enjoyed it. I worked on staying under an 8 minute pace, and was on point every time. Next ladder workout I’ll focus on quicker times for the shorter distances.

Wednesday I ran my recovery run with Elayna and Ella. We originally had about 4 miles planned, but ended up taking the long way to the lake, which definitely didn’t disappoint with views. It was hot and our pace was slower, but my legs felt fresh and it was nice to catch up. I even tried convincing Elayna to run her first half marathon this fall, so we’ll see what happens.

This city.

This city.

Thursday I ran with Second Sole, and it was a hot one. I was planning to keep it easy, but started out a bit too quick. Guess that happens when you’re stuck behind 20 year old guys who run a 5/6 minute pace. We ended up going from the store to Roscoe and back. The rolling hills at Roscoe beat me up a bit, but I ended up with an 8:50 average pace, not bad considering I’d already run 11 miles in the past two days.

Friday was my rest day, and Saturday I did a short shakeout run. I managed a little over a mile and I was already feeling drained. Sunday I ran the Columbia Station Half Marathon, recap to come later this week. I had originally planned to run about 3 miles post race, but my stomach had other plans. With an 8am race start, I was also pretty dehydrated once I crossed the finish line.

Monday: Body Fusion Class – 30 minutes of lifting/abs/squats & 30 minutes of yoga

Tuesday: 5.5 Miles, 1 Mile W/U, Ladder-800(3:48), 1200(5:54), 1600(7:54), 1200(5:54), 800(3:57), 1 Mile C/D

Wednesday: 6 Miles

Thursday: 4.4 Miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: 1 Mile

Sunday: Columbia Station Half Marathon

Total Miles: 30 Miles

This week was tough on my legs, but I was able to reach two big milestones. This was probably the first time I’ve ever run 30 miles in one week. I also hit 100 miles for the month, which is something I’ve been hoping to do for quite some time. Thankfully I haven’t had any injuries, and I’ve been playing a lot of attention to my body to make sure I can handle the increase in mileage.

I’ve been focusing on getting more sleep, doubling the amount of water I’m drinking, stretching after every run, and easing myself back into ice baths.

Perfect summer recovery

Perfect summer recovery

This next week will be interesting. The holiday weekend throws me off a little bit, but I’ve got a 5k and 10k scheduled for Friday. They’ll be hot and humid, and most likely slow because I’ll be turning it into my long run. I’m not expecting a PR, mostly, because I won’t be trying for one, but I’m excited to try both races this year instead of just one. Then I’ll have all weekend to enjoy the holiday!


What’s your highest mileage in a week, a month? Will you be running a 4th of July race?

Akron Marathon Training: Week Two

Week two of marathon training is complete and it was a much better week. Last week was a shock to my body by adding so much mileage, this week I think I handled it much better. I started the week with an easy 4 miler. I’ve started doing out and backs with my smaller runs to keep things simple and to see how much my pace changes. This route included rolling hills, but I somehow managed to negative split each mile. Talk about improvement.

I followed up my awesome run with some speed on Wednesday. It’s been quite some time since I spent some real quality time on the track so I was curious with how my mile repeats would go. I was supposed to hit my miles around 9:09. I knew I could get at least one down to that time, but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do all three. I started my on my first lap and noticed I was at 7:42. (Ummm,  hello, you can’t go that fast!) I quickly started to slow my pace and reminded myself that this wasn’t a race. Apparently I didn’t do that good of job because my first mile was 8:22. My second mile was a little slower at 8:33 and I could feel some of that good sprinting pain in my legs. I didn’t think I could go any faster for my last one, but gave it a shot and tried to go as fast as I could. Third mile, 8:18. Good to see I’ve still got it.

Thursday was my normal yoga class and Sunday was my long run. I got up at 6:45 and was out the door by 7:30. I had hoped this was early enough to avoid some heat, but unfortunately the humidity was thick. I started off feeling pretty good and kept myself around a 10:00 pace. The heat was getting worse and I could feel myself sweating more than I was taking in fluids. I had some Sport Beans at mile 4 and felt pretty good after that. I started cramping at mile 6, but focused on my breathing and got rid of them quickly. At this point my water was hot and running low so I stopped at Starbucks to fill up and take advantage of some AC. I got back on the roads, headed towards home and was straight in the line of full on sun. Without any shade I started to struggle. I slowly made my way up one hill, but walked up the steeper one. Luckily at the top there was a bike path in the woods. I ducked inside and tried to stretch out and cool down. I was at mile 8, and only had 2-4 miles left to go. My body made the decision for me when it decided I was way too dehydrated. I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass out, get sick, or worse. I almost got out my phone to call home, but remembered there was a porta potty about 400 feet up ahead at the intersection. My goal was to get there and then decided what to do. I started to run again, and eventually got myself under control, passing up on the porta potty. I slowed my pace down a lot and kept drinking water, stopping to stretch and catch my breath whenever I needed it. I somehow made it home right as  my Garmin beeped for the 10 mile mark. No way I could do another two in the heat, so I called it a day.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 4 Miles

Wednesday: Speed- 4.5 Miles ( W/U, 3×1600-8:22, 8:33, 8:18, C/D)

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 10 Miles

Total Miles: 18.5 Miles

I followed the rule and didn’t add too much more mileage this week. I felt good for most of my runs and I know I gave it all I had. This next week is supposed to be my 14 miler. However, I’ll be out of town for a wedding Friday-Sunday so I’m switching my long run with next week’s easy 6 miler. It’s still early in the training cycle, that switching a weekend shouldn’t be a big issue. Plus, I knew this would happen at least twice, so I’ve made sure to move things around where I can still fit everything in.


What I learned:

  • I need to hydrate better on my long runs.  I’m always so fearful for the sloshy belly, but in this heat, it’s necessary. I’ve even thought of running with my Camel Back because I feel like I’m running through the desert. I’m not? Oh, alright then..
  • Running at 7:30am isn’t early enough. Last year I was fortunate enough to do my long runs along Lake Erie, with a breeze. This year, there is no breeze and all heat. Either I run earlier or I head indoors.
  • I can definitely see an improvement with yoga. Not only am I doing better in class, but it’s helping me to calm my breathing during my runs. I may or may not be addicted to yoga now.
  • Sometimes I miss track. I never thought I would, but now I get excited for my track workouts. Favorite track workout? 200’s! Can’t wait for those!

How are you dealing with the heat? What’s the earliest you’ve gotten up to run a training run?