February Rewind

For February being a short month, it sure seemed that I was always on the go, making it feel almost as long as January. I finished up  my work trips in February and spent a good amount of time catching up with friends, work and life. February also meant that I would begin training for my spring half, and hopefully get back into some sort of workout routine. Unfortunately all of the traveling caught up to me and I ended up with a bad cold that had me living on NyQuil/Dayquil for a week.

Miles run: 25

Races run: 1 (Frosty 5k)

Miles biked: 16

Books read: 1.5 (50 Shades of Grey-finished, Best of Me-started)

Places traveled: 1 (Dallas)

Unnecessary purchases cut down: Major yes

New recipes: 1 (Enchiladas)

Looking at this past month compared to January, I definitely stepped up my game in running. I started my new training plan, which includes running, cycling, abs and lifting. I’m feeling good again, and know that my body will thank me for cross training. I also ran my first Medina race, where I placed 2nd in my age group! I even signed up for a Yoga-Lates class that I will be starting in March. Time to stay injury free!

Because I didn’t do much traveling, my reading took a drop. I finished 50 Shades of Grey, and hated it. I’ve started my next book, but I just haven’t had time to sit down and read. I need to make it a habit to read a little bit before bed each night. Something I did do this month was cook a new meal. I’m not the biggest fan of cooking, but I followed the directions created my own recipe and ended up with some great Enchiladas. I’m hoping that I can create one new meal a month to further expand my predictable diet. Does reading a cookbook count for my 10 books this year?

My biggest accomplishment this month was cutting back on unnecessary purchases, specifically clothing. I spend way to much on things I don’t need. Throughout the entire month of February, I only spent $19.99 on clothes, for one pair of shorts. I honestly can’t remember the last time I spent that little on clothes for an entire month. With some big purchases on the way, it will be nice to save up the money now instead of looking for it later.

I’m looking forward to the next couple months, they’ll be busy, but great things are happening!

How was your February? Did you get a lot accomplished in the short month?

Flying Pig Training Plan

It’s a new week, so it’s time for some new changes. I’m starting a new training cycle, with new ideas behind it. And if you  haven’t noticed, I have a new background for my blog. I’m working on updating a few things and should hopefully have it revamped in the next couple weeks.

My big spring race for this year is the Flying Pig Half Marathon. I originally wanted to be out of state, but with such a busy schedule, I decided to stay close to home. And as much as I’d like to run Cleveland again, I’m excited to spend a weekend on the other end of the state and experience a challenging course. After running 10 half marathons, I want to take this distance to a new level. I want to push myself on speed and push myself on challenges. Hills of course being my biggest challenge.

So what makes this training cycle so different? After joining the rec center two months ago, I was able to open my training to more than just running. There are multiple ways of cross training including biking, elliptical and a dangerous monster of a machine called the stair climber. It has at least 5 stairs, and I’m terrified to go near it.  But this time, I’m actually going to make the effort in using these machines, and hopefully stay injury free.

What’ I’ve also added this time around are classes.  There is a full schedule of classes that can be taken through the week including yoga, cardio, spin, kick boxing and much more. I’m looking at adding two of these and possibly a third if I get the guts to take on more. In a couple of weeks I’ll be starting Yoga-lates on Thursday evenings and Yoga on Sunday mornings. My goal is to become more flexible and really focus on my breathing. One day I may add a spin or cardio class, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that quite yet.


You can see that the weekday runs are pretty light. Between getting home at 6:30 and making time for dinner, the night really cuts into my chance to run more miles. And well, morning workouts just aren’t my thing.  I’ve also thrown in some cross training on the days that my miles are really low. My major focus will be on weekend long runs. I’ve thrown in a few days of hills and speed, but all of my outside runs will have hills, and speed will be the harder day.

My body is ready for a half marathon, maybe not today, but I’ve learned that I can easily jump into the race. I want to push myself this year and try new things. I want to stay healthy and love every single day that I sweat. Here’s to a new round of training!

What spring race are you training for? Do you add any cross training or classes?

A Look Into 2013

2012 was absolutely fabulous, but that doesn’t mean that 2013 can’t be any better. After the year of races, I’m taking a step back and slowing things down. I ended 2012 with a bit of a burn out, but I’m hoping I can fall back in love with running and enjoy it more than ever. I also want to focus on a few things I’ve been neglecting over the past few years including cooking and eating healthy.

2013 Goals


  • Run a sub 2:00 half marathon
  • Run 800 miles
  • PR in the 5k
  • Run two half marathons in two new states
  • Volunteer at races


  • Travel
  • Learn German
  • Learn to cook and eat healthier
  • Stress less
  • Read more, at least 10 books
  • Cut out unnecessary purchases

I actually really enjoyed 2012, so I’m nervous that 2013 won’t be as good. But each day and year is what you make of it, so here’s to an even better 2013! Happy New Year!



3M Half Training Plan

I haven’t released my 2013 race calendar yet, but I’m starting my next training cycle for the first race of 2013. In January I’ll be running the 3M Half Marathon in Austin, Texas! It will be my second out of state half and hopefully a lot warmer than January in Ohio. I honestly hadn’t heard about this race until recently when Courtney and Melissa promised me this would be an easy, down hill course where I could not only PR, but possibly break 2:00. And if that wasn’t appealing enough, they would also be running the race as well. Let’s see…flat, downhill course? Possibly PR/Sub 2? 60 degree weather in January? Awesome Twitter/runner friends also running? How could I say no to this? After a few weeks of going back and forth, I finally decided that if I were to ever run a half in Texas, this would be it.

I’m 10 weeks out from race day, not my normal 16 week cycle of training. I’m not too concerned on the short time frame though. I two weeks post marathon, so I may have lot a little endurance and speed, but I needed time off to recover. However, I think I’ve still got it in me that I can get some pretty quick long runs in before race day.

I’ve given a lot of thought to how I’d like my future training cycles to go. I’m hoping for more cross training, lifting, and healthier eating habits. I also know that if I want to have a fast half, I need to incorporate more speed workouts into my training. Once again I’ll be using Runner’s World Smart Coach as my training base to get me where I need to be in just 10 short weeks.

This first week will be difficult, as it seems I always start a training cycle on a week I’m traveling. I’ll be in Colorado for half of this week and some of next week. Since we know how things started my last trip to Colorado, I’m going to be paying more attention to hydration than my running. Plus after two weeks off I know I’ll need to ease into running again. I’m looking forward to logging some long runs and even running some of those major hills. Time to dust off those racing shoes….

Interested in learning more about the 3M Half? Thinking of running it? Check out the race page here. As an added bonus, flights from Akron-Canton Airport to Austin are the cheapest they’ve been in months.