Weekend Update

After work Friday I headed to Second Sole to pick up my race packet for the Girls with Sole 5k. I wasn’t expecting anything big, just a shirt and probably some info about the race. I was impressed with all that was included. We got a huge recyclable bag, candy, massage oil, coupons to some great restaurants around the area, and the shirt, which was a light cotton and true to its size. Other small things were included, but they weren’t as fun. I also may or may not have picked up a few small things for myself and future races.

Ralphie not included

D and I also decided on more states for my 25 Challenge, mostly places that we know someone so we’d have a free place to stay. I’m looking forward to starting it next year. This year is all about Ohio and the beautiful state I call home 🙂  Saturday was the usual four hour morning class, followed by the new tradition of going to Fat Heads Brewery in North Olmsted. I’m obsessed with their Blueberry Ale, seriously so good. While we were there I kept seeing runners come in, drenched with sweat. Not so appetizing. The bartender told us that they do this each Saturday during the summer. A group of runners start downtown or near Cleveland and run from bar to bar, eating and drinking during their workout. How fun, right? Made me feel guilty that I hadn’t run yet, and was already planning on a nap once I got home.

Saturday night we headed to the Jake to hopefully see the Indians win. Unfortunately they didn’t, but we saw some of D’s friends and as well as made an enemy. You can’t go to an Indians game, claim them as your team, and then bash them the whole night. Needless to say, it was one against many in our section. But it was a good time besides for the heat, and seats right behind Grady are totally worth it.

Sunday was the big day. My first 5k in a year and a half. Woke up tired, and strangely nervous. Headed to Rocky River and was pleased with the current weather, about 65 and sunny. The set up was great. There were probably 10 vendors, real bathrooms, and a DJ. About 5 minutes to race time we listened to the goal behind the organization, followed by a song and national anthem. That’s when the heat came and after 10 minutes, I was already feeling exhausted. The race started and I planned to go out slow, I didn’t have a pace or even knew what time I wanted, I just wanted to do it. First mile 8:35. Not bad. Second mile I slowed so I could try to keep on pace the whole time….that didn’t go as planned. Second mile 18:40. What! I made a habit of not looking at my watch until mile markers so I had no idea I had slowed that much. There were some small inclines and a water stop in mile 2, but I had no idea how bad it was. I tried to be a little quicker for the last mile, but by this time, the humidity wasn’t helping. Finish 29:01. My slowest 5k ever. Ever. All I could think of was how disappointed I was in myself. This is not what I had wanted, I was thinking 27 minutes at the worst. I’ve never felt this let down before, and I knew the hot topic of friends would be “How’d you do?”

I spent the next couple hours laying on the couch, not feeling like I had even ran earlier. I was still upset and knew I should have ran faster. I’ve been running and putting in the mileage. Looking back now, I knew part of it was the humidity. And after finding the results online, I feel a little better. I was 6th out of 25 in my age group, and times overall for everyone seemed to be much slower than most 5ks. I refused to let this race get the best of me, so I ended up doing extra miles on the treadmill that night. Looking into the future, I need to do more speed work, I need to get my times down or else I’m going to feel defeated. A year and a half later I’m still struggling with the mind game college times versus post college times. I’ve accepted the fact that I will never get down to my PR, but I have to keep going. I’m putting it in the past and focusing on my next two races. Winking Lizard and Huntington Duathlon. From here out, I’m getting much more serious.

Friday Round Up

It’s Friday, and I’ll make this short and sweet since my last posts have been more of novels. At any given moment this weekend I’ll be in any of these four places: A) Baldwin-Wallace College B) Rocky River Reservation C) The Jake or D) Second Sole. A pretty calm weekend with some fun thrown in, and light training before the race. Sunday is the Girls with Sole 5k in Rocky River, my first 5k since college. Not nervous, but not pushing to break a PR. I’m far away from 22:30. Suggested weather is 67* with 81% humidity, at least half of that is perfect weather. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

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A love affair…

I was looking forward to having a long weekend to get plenty of miles in, but I cheated. I cheated on running with my bike. And I have to admit, I enjoyed it.

Back track, Friday after work I went out for what I thought would be a relaxing run,  I ended up doing more of a tempo run. I felt great, and since I can do the distance, I need to work on a quicker time. Saturday, after my morning class, Darren and I headed up to Eddy’s so he could finally get his bike. This is where it began. After numerous suggestions of things I think he may have needed, we got out of there and headed to South Mastick in Rocky River Reservation, my fav place in the parks. 12.5 miles later we were in love, with our bikes. I feel much better biking this summer compared to last, because I’m actually in shape, running and biking have turned my legs into beasts. Starving and energized we met up with my friend and her bf at Bonnie’s Lounge in Fairview Park later that night, good food and good company.

Sunday, usually a day I dread, was welcomed for once. We went and saw the Hangover 2. Good, still can’t decided if the first was better or not. Couldn’t waste the beautiful day, so we were out on the bike path again, this time south of Berea and into some not so populated areas. I won’t be going out that way alone any time soon. Only able to do 6. 5 miles, trying to beat the storm, but it still felt good to be out there.

Monday was my recovering day, I haven’t caught up on sleep since the Cleveland Half, leaving me exhausted, and my apartment starting to grow dust kittens. Ok, it could just be the fact that my cat sheds as much as I do, but I had a ton of things I needed to clean. Regardless, I had planned a productive day, until I found a stack of Runner’s World magazines and the Sex and the City marathon on tv. I did come up with some ideas for future races, more to come later this week! But an evening run was on the schedule and there was no way I could skip it after not running since Friday. Hello humidity! Probably one of the worst runs this year, overall I felt good, but couldn’t breathe. I was able to sweat out all of the bad food and drinks I had consumed this weekend.

Looking forward, this is pre-race week! The Girls with Sole 5k is Sunday. I’m hoping the humidity will calm down and the weather will cooperate. As of now it will be a low of 63 and a high of 77 with no rain 🙂 Right now, it’s just carbo load, not a problem, and some easy mile the rest of the week.

>What’s Next?

>It’s a weird feeling coming home from work and knowing that I didn’t have to do anything. No workout, no stretches, no ab crunches. For the first time since January, I came home, put on sweats, drank hot chocolate and caught up on shows. It felt great, and I wasn’t guilty because I knew I deserved a day off. I’m still sore today, which I expected, but not as stiff as I was yesterday. Yesterday my lower half felt like I had standing in an ice bath for hours, today I just feel blah. The lack of sleep, and mixed up eating schedule from the weekend has caught up, hopefully not breaking down my immune system too much. Good thing I don’t have to run all week, I think it would make me feel worse.

As I mentioned, I already picked out a half marathon. But I’ve researched some more and found some races I’m interested in doing this summer.

Girls With Sole  June 5th, Located in Rocky River, this race features a 5k and a 1 mile family run/walk. Any race in Rocky River, I will gladly sign up to do. This is my only free weekend in June, and what better way to spend it than running for a reason.

Huntington Duathlon  July 24th, Located in Bay Village, this race features a triathlon- 1/4 mile swin-12 mile bike-5k run and a duathlon-5k run-12 mile bike-5k run. I’m opting for the duathlon, and hoping it will be a success. This will be my first duathlon, but I’m sure not my last, and it’s a great way to make sure I get use of my amazing road bike.

Classic at Mastick August 10th, Located in Rocky River Metroparks, this race is a 5k and personal favorite of mine. I ran this in high school and college and even now that I’m old. It’s on a Wednesday night and you run through the metroparks, always motivation for me. It’s a good time and a great way for cross teams to see where they stand before season officially starts.

River Run Half Marathon September 11th, Located in Berea/Cleveland Metro Parks, this race is a half marathon through the metroparks, starting in Berea and going north. I picked this because it’s far enough away to give myself better training, it’s in the fall so it shouldn’t be too hot, and the elevation maps shows it is a consistent down hill, making for a quicker time.

With these four races, I’m hoping not only can I get into a quicker pace, but really enjoy running again. They’re spread out to give enough recovery time, but also I won’t feel bogged down each weekend with a race. I’m looking to do a race every month, but I’ll just have to see how the summer goes. My ultimate goal is to run a half marathon in every state, but I’m not trying to rush it. I’d like to do a half each spring and fall, but who knows, maybe I’ll get one in the winter, just have to find a warmer state to run in.