Flying Pig Half Marathon Recap

It’s done. The hardest race I’ve ever ran, and it’s complete. I don’t think I’ve ever been more relieved that a race and training cycle is over. I really stressed about this race, the hills, and the weekend. I wasn’t really prepared, and even though I was injury free, I knew I’d be hurting. I should have done more long runs, and probably hiked some mountains in preparation. As I made my 3.5 hour drive home after the race Sunday, I had a long time to reflect on the race and the weekend. It wasn’t my prettiest, but I finished, and sometimes that’s all that matters.

I drove down to Cincinnati on Saturday afternoon. I was road tripping solo, so I wanted to make the trip as quick as possible, hence such a late start in the drive. Luckily I was able to break up my drive by the 30 minute pit stops, thank you over hydration, and by visiting  a friend who PR’d at the Cap City Half that morning. After that, I made my way to Cincinnati and got to the expo around 6:00. I picked up my number and walked through the entire expo just to get my shirt. It was a little odd to have things spread out, and a lot of walking back and forth to do. I took a quick look through the merch and picked up two Flip Belts and a top and jacket from Asics. Not too harmful on my wallet.

I finished up my expo experience and headed towards the hotel. I booked a room in Kentucky, because it was the only place close enough or semi reasonable on price. To keep it short, I had a horrible hotel experience. The AC didn’t work, there were people knocking on doors and partying in the hallways until 3:30am and when runners came back after the race, the hotel was trying to hurry them out, telling us that we didn’t have time to shower. So if you run Flying Pig, book your hotel early and don’t stay at the Comfort Suites in Newport. Dinner wasn’t that good either. I went to the restaurant next door and they never put in my order so dinner was delayed an hour, it also made me feel sick throughout the night. I didn’t think you could make bad pasta, but apparently you can.

Sunday morning I woke up at 4am. I was exhausted, I hadn’t slept much and I was really nervous. I had my normal Clif bar, water and stretched while I was getting ready. I didn’t hear any rain, but took a garbage bag just in case. I wanted to park close to the start and finish, but not being familiar with the area, I ended up following a car with a 26.2 sticker on the back. Usually a good idea, but not this time, because once I parked, I realized we were still in Kentucky and had to cross the Ohio River to get to the start. I already had a feeling that this wouldn’t be my best race.

The start line was divided into “Pig Pens” and they were blocked off pretty well, sad, but understood. There was a ton of security all over, including local police, K-9 units and from pictures I saw on Saturday, some heavy artillery. Needless to say, I felt safe. Each pig pen had someone checking  your number and corral to make sure that you were where you needed to be. They also had port a potties in each corral, which definitely helped cut down the lines inside. I stretched, stood in line for the restroom and was ready to go by the time we had our moment of silence for Boston.

We started, and just like always I stumbled with my Garmin, so I knew I’d be off by a few second. I made a note to remember this throughout the race, and I’m glad I did. The course was actually a little long, even on my delayed Garmin. I tried to find an easy pace that would last me through the race. I knew that the second half would be hard, so I wanted to make sure the first half was solid. The first couple miles weren’t much to look at, we headed through an industrial area and made our way across the first big bridge. This was neat, but not too welcoming on the legs. I noticed the humidity was creeping up and tried to focus on staying cool. We headed into Kentucky and my pace was right around 10:00.

I honestly don’t remember much from this part of the race. I know we ran along some trains and would be heavy traffic roads, but it was pretty much the same for the next couple of miles. I made sure to drink from my handheld at every water stop and I took some Sport  Beans at mile 4, with the plan to take them every 40 minutes. I remember I went from being hot to cold and started regretting wearing long sleeves. Right around mile 5 it started to cool off, so I felt somewhat back to normal. Physically, my legs were feeling ok. They were a little sore from the rolling hills, but I tried to ignore it, knowing that my worst hills would  be coming at mile 6.

Right around mile 5, I noticed a big hill, and it came as a bit of a surprise, I couldn’t remember it from the elevation chart and thought maybe I had missed a mile marker. Nope. I didn’t have a set plan for the hills, I just knew that they would be hard and on going. I decided that I would attempt each hill as much as I could and if I had to walk up it, then ok. I would run once I got to the top and take advantage of the downhill. I ran about half way up the hill and started to “speed” walk up to the top. Once I got there I felt exhausted and worn down. I started to feel a little nauseous and lightheaded. Ok, maybe I went too hard on the hill, just try to keep an easy pace and you’ll be ready for the next one. But I just couldn’t shake it. I walked some more and took some Poweraid/Gatorade from the water stop. Luckily it was Lime, my favorite, so I didn’t expect anymore issues.

I started to perk up and continued to run. The next few miles had hills and and plateaus, running through downtown and neighborhoods. The feeling of either throwing up or passing out kept coming and going, and I relied on the crowd support to keep me going. I hit mile 6 at 1:03, and was surprised with how close I was sticking to the 10:00 pace. Between mile 6 and 7 we entered a park and it was a great distraction from the rest of the race. The grass was so green and fountains were flowing, it felt like an ordinary run, I felt good for about a half mile. And then I got to the top of the hill. I stopped at a porta potty and struggled to stand, I knew the awful feeling I had for the last two miles wasn’t going away. I felt weak, but I knew I couldn’t stop. I had seen so many posters to run for Boston, that I couldn’t just give up. After a 5 minute stop waiting at the bathroom, I started going again. I came around a turn and saw the beautiful views of Kentucky from the hill. I remember someone telling me to take it in and wished that I had my phone. The only time I left it in my car for fear of rain, and I would have given anything to take a picture of the view.

I kept trotting along, jogging and walking, at this point I wasn’t sure which was quicker. I followed the same plan on each of the hills, run half, walk to the top and take advantage of the downhill. I took another handful of Sport Beans at mile 8 and hoped I’d see a water stop with Gu so I could get something into my body. At one mile volunteers handed out bananas and orange slices, but I was too afraid that it would upset my stomach more so I passed. Looking back, I should have taken it anyway, it probably would have helped a lot.

Somewhere on course, sums up exactly how I felt

Somewhere on course, sums up exactly how I felt

I made it to mile 10 and knew that I had a little over a half hour left of running. My pace and time were all over the place. I no longer focused on getting in under a certain time, I just focused on finishing. I was relieved to know that for the most part the hills were done, and that I had a nice 3 mile decline coming up. I saw people sprinting down the hills and knew better. I had to be careful if I didn’t want to destroy my legs. These next three miles went by slow, and almost as a blur. My legs felt ok, surprisingly, but the rest of my body was done. I continued to walk/jog these miles to make it to the finish. I think I ran most of mile 12, but only to get me to the finish line quicker. I came around the last turn and finished up the absolute worst race of my life.

My little flying pig

My little flying pig

This race was hard. Even if I had my best training cycle, the course would have still eaten me alive. The hills are tough and can definitely put a damper on anyone’s race, but that wasn’t what got me. My legs for the most part felt ok. I had some hip pains, but my legs never held me back. I felt like passing out or throwing up from mile 5 on. I could never shake the feeling and I think that’s what really held me back from running harder than I did. Yes, my heart and mind weren’t 100% in this race, but I did expect a better race out. I’m disappointed in myself, but I know I’ll come back from this. One thing I’ve definitely learned from this training cycle is that I need to focus more on keeping mid race energy levels up. This hit me hard on Sunday. But of course, those hills didn’t help either….

Check out those hills

Check out those hills

Overall, I’m glad to be done. I have about a month off of official training so that I can actually enjoy runs and do what my legs want to do. Even though this training clycle was tough, I’m looking forward to my next big race. Number 12 may have been my toughest, but I certainly won’t let it keep me down.

Half Marathon Number 12

Half Marathon Number 12

Official Results:

Time: 2:38:05

Overall Place: 7637/11046

Female Overall: 4250/6951

Age Group 25-29: 858/1164

Flying Pig Training: Week Eleven & Wrap Up

Here we are, just a few days out from race day. And well, it’s been an interesting training cycle. Let’s start off and address the elephant in the room. High mileage wasn’t really seen in this training cycle. I had a few days of long runs, but other that that I stuck with base mileage. Am I going to regret this? Maybe, but I just ran a half marathon two weeks ago, so I know I can go the distance. The issue isn’t will I finish, it’s how I run the race. I signed up for this half at the Columbus Marathon expo, I was in great shape and could totally battle the hills. Also, I really wanted the medal and Asics bag a friend had received the year before. I finally checked the elevation chart for the first time in six months and realized this could be a little harder.

In the beginning I mentioned how this would be a different training cycle, focusing on creating solid runs and cross training. And I’ve done that. I’ve had great runs, I’ve learned to  pace myself better and most of the time I never regretted getting out there to run. I also threw in cycling and yoga. I was skeptical, but I think it helped. I’m a lot more flexible that I was three months ago, and my legs feel stronger by using more than just my running muscles. Sometimes it’s quality over quantity. And can we point out the most important thing. I’m not injured! At all. This is pretty much a miracle, considering I’m pretty injury prone. Maybe there really is a connection between cross training and being injury free.

This week I took it easy. The back to back races over the weekend left my legs tired and tight. Tuesday I tried to go for an easy run and it felt like my legs were cement, however, my pace at 8:39 was awesome. I took the rest of the week off from running to let my legs recover and hopefully prepare for this weekend. I tried a new spin class last night, which either destroyed my legs for the race or prepared me for the massive hills. I’ll let you know which one on Sunday. I followed it up with one hour of pure yoga, so relaxing and so needed. I plan to do a short run Saturday morning to shake out the legs and then I’ll see what I have in me come Sunday morning.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 2 Miles

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 1 Hour Spin, 1 Hour Yoga

Friday: Off

As of right now, the weather seems to be around 50′ and mostly sunny at the start. Rain is in the forecast, but hopefully it holds off until I’m back home. If you’re at the race, you can look for me and cheer me on. I’ll be wearing this colorful outfit I’ve tried out a few times, Lululemon top, Asics ARD shorts, and Pro Compression purple socks. I love this combination, and wish I found it sooner before it got hot.


If you’re at home, you’re free to track me using this link:

I’m bib 15285, we’ll see if it’s a lucky number. As much as I’m excited for this race, I’m excited for many more races over the next few months. I’ll be sharing my summer/fall plans next week. Have a good weekend, good luck racing and I’ll see you on the other side of half marathon number 12!


Flying Pig Half Training: Week Ten

This week was a total mix. I started off the week by switching my Monday/Tuesday run. Monday was my birthday, so I had a few things planned for after work. It ended up being an absolutely beautiful spring day, and I almost regretted not waking up early to run before work. And then I remembered how much I love sleep. Tuesday’s run was great. Over the past few weeks I’ve found about 10+ parks that are within 10 minutes of my home, so of course my plan was to check these out. I wasn’t familiar with the park or surrounding neighborhood, so I just followed one of the paths. The one I took ended up in a housing development, so it wasn’t exactly a park run, but the neighborhood was new to me so it went by quick. Once I got back, I had about a half mile left until the 3 mile mark. I followed another path and found it was exactly what I was looking for, a wide paved path between trees and beautiful green grass. I’m really excited to come back and run there again, and check out the other parks.

I also switched my Wednesday/Thursday run, so I could spend two hours on Thursday sweating it out. And then 5:00 Thursday came. I have a history of bad migraines, and they always start with tunnel/blurred vision. So when my vision was becoming spotty around 5:00, I knew I was pretty much down for the count. About 45 minutes later, I finally got my vision back and I was able to leave work. I chugged a ton of water and tried to eat a snack. I did a short run around the neighborhood hoping that the fresh air would help. It didn’t. Within 10 minutes of finishing my run, I was feeling worse. I decided to skip yoga and try to get rid of the horrible headache. By 8:00 I was finally feeling a little better so I did some living room yoga. I only lasted about a half hour and was back to laying on the couch.

The weekend however was filled with lots of running and racing! Saturday night I had my first trail 10k and it was such a great experience, I cannot wait to share the recap of this race. I followed it up with another race just 12 hours later. Both recaps will be coming up this week.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 3 Miles

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 1.5 Miles, Living Room Yoga

Friday: Off

Saturday: Yeti Set Go! 10k

Sunday: Love A Stray Fur Fun 5k

Total Miles: 15 Miles

I had a decent number of miles this week and I felt really strong. I’m looking to stay hydrated this week, as well as eat and sleep well. It may be the end of a training cycle, but it’s just the beginning of a great season of racing! Only 6 days until Flying Pig!

Also, great job to all of those who ran Eugene Marathon yesterday! Wonderful to hear about so many PR’s and BQ’s!

Did you race this weekend? Are you racing Flying Pig or have you in the past? Any tips?

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Flying Pig Half Training: Week Eight & Nine

Last week it didn’t feel right to post my training, so I’ve combined weeks eight and nine into one post. Week eight was a bit of a jumble. I was rushing around to get things done before we left on vacation. We flew to Colorado on Friday and once we got there we made sure to stay active the entire weekend. We walked, hiked and ran in high altitudes. Coming from Ohio, all of these were a challenge at times, but it was good for the body and soul. I was still tight from Yoga though, this week’s class was about 95% Pilates with a focus on legs and about 5% yoga. The best part of training this week was running with Courtney! We got a 5 mile run in around Washington Park, making sure to catch up on running, racing, and life.


Surprisingly I enjoy running at altitude. It can be hard, but I feel that a few miles up there can really help clean up training. Best part is that it actually seems easier.

Week Eight

Monday: 3 Miles

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Off

Thursday:  1.5 Mile Run, Yoga-lates

Friday: Off

Saturday: Hiked 1-2 Miles

Sunday: 5 Miles (in 5,280 altitude)

Total Miles: 9.5 Miles

Week nine started with Boston. I was in between plane changes and found out the news through Twitter. It was and still is heartbreaking, but it shows just how strong the running community is. I hadn’t planned on running that night, but it was the first thing I did once I got home. I ran those two miles in silence, thinking of everything that had happened that day. The rest of the week was pretty low key, still playing catch up at work and home from vacation. I had thought of running a half marathon over the weekend, as part of a birthday race. I was up in the air about which race, but finally decided the day of. My legs weren’t tight and I was finally able to get a long run in. More on the race later this week.

Week Nine

Monday: 2 Miles

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 1.5 Miles

Thursday:  Yoga-lates

Friday: Off

Saturday: Tree Trotter Half Marathon, 13.1 Miles

Sunday: Off

Total Miles: 16.5 Miles

I noticed that I’m really struggling with going from indoor running to outdoor running. I know it’s been windy, which hasn’t helped, but my pace seems to be so much slower than I thought it would be. I’m hoping in these next few weeks I can pick it up and get used to running outdoors again. I’m also hoping that we’re over winter, waking up to snow on Saturday wasn’t cool.

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Flying Pig Half Training: Week Seven

I have to be honest. This training cycle, is completely different than my others, yet, somewhat the same. It came to me Friday, right before lunch, when I do all my worst best thinking. I haven’t been taking my training seriously enough. Not a surprise? I didn’t think so. If you take a look back at the past weeks, I’ve done a ton of base running, but my long runs aren’t exactly there. It doesn’t mean I’m not ready or dreading them, I’ve just taken a new approach.  I’ve limited myself to three days of running, and I’ve added cross training. I’ve never mentioned a goal for this race, but I’ve also never mentioned that I’m injured. Injury free, party of one!

From the get go, I knew that Flying Pig would not be my sub 2:00 half marathon. I’ve been training on an indoor track for 95% of my runs, I am in no shape or place to run a PR on a hilly course. Am I ok with this? Yes. I’ve got other plans for this race year. That doesn’t mean I’m throwing sub 2:00 out the window, it’s still my goal, but it’s not my spring goal. My goal for Flying Pig was to have a healthy training cycle, to run uninjured for the first time in about a year. It’s working, and I’m enjoying what my legs are fully capable of doing.

I’ve used this training cycle to fall back in love with running and sweating. I’ve discovered that I look forward to my weekly hour of yoga. And that I’m not always bored when I’m on the stationary bike. I’ve also shifted my focus to speed and have already ran my best 5k since college. I’m training for a solid run at Flying Pig, and a solid running year. I’m not disappointed at all with how training is going. I’m listening to my body and doing what is right for me.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 3 Miles Run, 7 Miles Biked

Wednesday: 2 Miles

Thursday: Yoga-Lates

Friday: Off

Saturday: Miles for Madison 5k + 1

Sunday: 5 Miles Run, 7 Miles Biked

Total Miles: 14 Miles Run, 14 Miles Biked

Looking back at this week, I over did it a bit in the beginning. I ran my fastest 3 miles yet and followed it up with some heavy biking. Lesson learned, my legs felt tight all week. I even had to cut my run short on Wednesday, I actually felt worse the more I ran. Stretching didn’t help too much, so I was more than excited for Yoga on Thursday. By the weekend, my legs felt back to normal and I was ready to get some miles in. Saturday morning I ran Miles for Madison, recap to follow, and decided to move my long run to Sunday. I haven’t had a solid long run outside yet, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t chop it up into segments.

Sunday, I took advantage of as much sun as I could get. I also had my first road bike experience of the year. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t been on my bike for months. I also didn’t know how the motorists of Medina would handle someone riding in the street. Surprisingly, the ride went smooth, and the rolling hills were nothing. Good to know that resistance cycling is paying off. I definitely see a lot more bike trips downtown in my future.


After re-hydrating, I headed out for my long run. I pushed it to the evening to hopefully avoid the wind. It didn’t work, but it added a nice challenge to the run. I combined a few short routes and wanted to get a decent amount of miles in. I went out to the lake to enjoy the soft path, but unfortunately I couldn’t avoid the wind. It was hitting me hard, and slowed down my pace by a lot. The other downfall of running at the lake was running stairs to get to the pathway, and the only way  back home meant I had to tackle a huge hill. Legs were toast.


I’ve come to realize that my legs have been spoiled. I’ve been running on the indoor track for so long, they forgot how to run outside in real conditions. Mainly hills. I definitely didn’t hit the mileage I wanted, and I plan to fix that this week. Now that the weather is nice, all runs should be outside. I’ve even got a hill workout lined up. Even better bonus of this week’s training? I’ll be hitting high altitude running with Courtney. Expect an interesting training recap next week.

How was your weekend? Did you get out there and enjoy the fabulous weather?

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Flying Pig Half Training: Week Six

The more I think about this week, I’ve realized it was a necessary evil. It started off strong with my Monday night 3 miler. Each week I’ve seen my pace quicken on these runs, and I can tell it shows in my racing. But that was the only good run I had all week. Wednesday afternoon I started to feel like I was dragging. I was completely exhausted and struggled to make it to the gym. My pace was around 9:15, clearly something was off. By Thursday morning a plague was going around our home and both Darren and I were getting sick. I had no energy and unfortunately had to skip Yoga-lates. I even passed up on the Medina Country Road Runners meeting I’d been hoping to attend. I was in a fog, had a temperature, and my nose was running a whole lot more than I was. But now that this sickness is on its way out, I can focus on running again. I was mentally and physically worn down, and it caught up to me. Running wasn’t wearing me down, but outside influences weren’t letting me enjoy my runs.

Now I’m ready to get back in the gym, I’m ready to spend an hour sweating out everything and leaving with an refreshed mind. I’m craving a long outdoor run and hill repeats. I needed to get sick, so that I could start fresh on everything. I have 5 weeks left until Flying Pig. Not only will these weeks be important to the race, but they’ll set the tone on my summer workouts.

Monday: 3 Miles

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 2 Miles

Thursday: Sick

Friday: Sick

Saturday: Sick

Sunday: Sick

Total Miles: 5 Miles

This next week brings a fresh start in training, and also a new month to rack up those miles. I’ve got a 5k this weekend that I’m really excited for. We’ll see if another PR is in these legs.

How was your week? Are you glad April is finally here?

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Flying Pig Half Training: Week Five

This week was anything but normal. What was planned as a “get your self in shape to dominate a 5k” turned into “survive the week”. Almost everything this week seemed to be off. Last weekend, in between my non regular race ritual and hanging out in my home town, I went car shopping. This led to not one, but two week nights spent at the dealership. Between this and covering for three different people at work, my brain was mush. The last thing I wanted to do was  head to the gym at 9:00, have dinner at 10:00 and then pass out at 11:00. Needless to say this meant Monday and Wednesday were out on my workout schedule.

Tuesday, which was meant to be a rest day, that would be turned into a make up workout day, quickly turned into spending time at home. Between last Friday and this past Saturday Darren was in Colorado for 5 days and Mexico for 4 days. This left Tuesday night as the day he’d be home for 12 hours in between trips. Sometimes there are more important things than running, like spending time with a loved one and catching up on this crazy life.

Thursday however, was where I got myself  back into gear. I squeezed in three miles before yoga, and after three days off, I felt better than a normal run. After that I had my hardest yoga-lates class to date. We started off with some hard core Pilates moves and within 10 minutes, my legs were dead. During that hour, I pushed myself to the limits (as much as you can in yoga) and left class feeling like a whole new person. Sometimes all you need after a crazy week is 90 minutes of pure sweat.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Off

Thursday:  3 Miles, Yoga-lates

Friday: Off

Saturday: Sole to Soul 5k + 4.6 miles

Sunday: Off

Total Miles: 10.6 Miles

Saturday was the Sole to Soul 5 in Avon. I had been looking forward to this race for quite some time. I couldn’t make it last year, so I knew to plan my schedule around it this time. I was more excited that this race would be taking place in my hometown. Any time I can run on the streets I grew up on, I jump at the opportunity. I knew I also had 8-9 on the schedule, so I wanted to start off with the race and continue with some miles on one of my favorite loops.

My legs were pretty tight before I even got to the race, Yoga class on Thursday was still rough on my legs. I hoped by the time they had a few miles in them, they’d relax a bit and start to feel good. Not so much. My legs felt great for my race (post coming this week) and then they went down hill after that. I started my post race miles on one of my favorite loops around my old house. A little over a mile in, I started over heating and cut through a short cut to take some layers off at home. Once I did that, I started out again, but this time I decided to go in the opposite direction. I turned the corner and saw two chickens, a rooster and a duck crossing the road. I found it funny and instantly thought of the joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” The answer in this case was to chase me. As soon as I passed them, they started running after me. I must have looked ridiculous being chased by these birds.

Crazy wildlife

Crazy wildlife

After that encounter, I started to map out my route. I did 2 miles with my first loop, so all I needed was 3 more and I’d be done. Over the next couple of minutes, my legs started feeling tired again. Three miles isn’t a lot to run, but with each step my legs were feeling dead. I did a short out and back with the opportunity of running a decent sized incline on the way in. I knew I was home free once I turned on my street. Within a half mile of being done, I passed a yard with a Rottweiler. He barked on my way out, but didn’t really do anything more than stand up and walk towards the edge of the yard. This time, I was on his side of the street with cars coming in both directions. I had no other choice than to run right along his territory. He wasn’t too thrilled about this and lunged at me, clamping his jaws down an inch from my arm. I screamed, I panicked, and sprinted the entire way home. A car stopped and turned around to see if I had gotten bit, but as I kept running, they kept driving. I had never experienced anything like that, and was more furious than anything else. A half mile short of my goal, but I was done for the day.

This week was eventful, and led to not hitting the miles I needed, but I’m not too concerned. I’m halfway done with training, but I feel confident that I can run a good half marathon. I’m cross training, doing yoga, and hitting mile times I didn’t think I could get close to. I still have 6 more weeks to get a few long runs in. I know that these next few weeks will really count.

How was your week? Have you ever had any animal encounters while running?


Flying Pig Half Training: Week Four

For an easy week, I took things real easy. I knew that I had minimal miles on the schedule this week, but I still wanted them to count. I also knew that I’d have a race at the end of the week, so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for what I’d be putting my legs through on Sunday. Monday and Wednesday I put in some pretty decent miles with a great pace. Knowing that I’ve been able to bring my pace down so much lately has really boosted my confidence in running 5k’s. I was even able to get some decent miles on the resistance bike.

My yoga class has a completely different feel this week, which was appreciated. It was split about 50/50 on yoga and Pilates, and I actually enjoyed it. I’m excited for the next two classes I have left and I’m even thinking of expanding it through April. The thought even crossed my mind to sign up for a spin class, but let’s take one thing at a time, shall we?

I still had the decision on which race to do on Sunday lingering over my head. I ultimately decided on the Lakewood Irish Jig and Jog 5k, something flat, close and early in the morning so I could enjoy the rest of my day. Between the race and my pre race plans, nothing was normal, but I’ll get more into that later this week.

Here’s week 5…

Monday: 3 Miles

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday:2 Miles Run, 4.5 Miles Biked

Thursday: Yoga-lates

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Lakewood Irish Jig and Jog 5k

Total Miles: 5 Miles Run, 4.5 Miles Biked

As you can see, really easy. This next week brings easy weekday runs followed up by my longest run yet in this cycle over the weekend. I’ve got another 5k coming up on Saturday, and this time I’m hoping to really break through and give it a great shot.

Did you race for St. Patrick’s Day?


Flying Pig Half Training: Week Three

This week was exactly what I needed. I started out with an amazing run and was able to keep that momentum throughout the entire week. My total miles still may be low, but I felt great on every run. I wanted to make sure I got out of my rut and enjoyed running. Luckily I did, and not only did that help me with my pace, but it helped me with  my distance. My best run this week was Wednesday, I originally had 4 on the schedule and was ready to take on 40 laps on the track. I quickly noticed that my pace was sub 9:00 and told myself not to go out too fast. I fell into a comfortable pace and noticed that mile 2 and 3 were still 8:58. I only had one more mile to do, so I kept with it. Finishing up mile 4 at 8:49, I figured why not see how much more I can run, I would probably end up tired within the next mile. Mile 5 went on by and soon I was on to mile 6. By this point I was just above 9:07 per mile and knew I wouldn’t be going that much further. Once I hit 70 laps, I finished, but I was more than excited about my run. I had just done my long run on a Wednesday night, and ran mostly at a sub 9:00 pace, putting me at a 1:02 finish. It truly made me believe that sub 2:00 is possible this year. I don’t know where it came from, or how I was able to run for that long on the track, but I was so glad I did. I felt like it was exactly the run I needed. Plus, the stress of my long run for the week was over.

My other runs were shorter, but my pace was under 9:30, and I kept them pretty easy. I had hoped to enjoy a longer run outside on Sunday with the beautiful weather, but after I forgot to eat lunch, and running at 7pm left me with little energy to get out the door.

I also had my first Yoga-lates class this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured  my abs would be screaming at me. To be honest, I felt like 90% of the time was just stretching. I wasn’t sweating like a good run, and I was ready to go home before class was over. I felt relaxed, but I didn’t feel like I was working hard. And then for the next two days, I felt like I couldn’t lift my arms. I was sore in places I didn’t know I had muscles, and could completely feel the benefit of yoga. I’ve realized I’m more of a Pilates person, but I’m hoping to enjoy the rest of my classes (only three left) and become relaxed, something I haven’t been in a while.

Monday: 3 Miles

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 7 Miles

Thursday: Yoga-lates

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: 1.5 Miles

Total Miles: 11.5 Miles

Low total mileage, but great workouts, very pleased with this week. This next week is supposed to be a low mileage week, but I may push it to see what I can do. I’ll be running in my hometown over the weekend, so that can only mean great runs! I also have the decision to make about which race to do Sunday morning. Early flat 5k or late hilly 5k…

How was your week? Are you running a St. Patrick’s Day race?

Flying Pig Half Training: Week Two

This week was filled with ups and downs, both personally and running wise. I started out the week well, I was hitting my miles and getting a bunch of cross training done. Wednesday ended up as my best day. I gave everything I had on my run and followed up with some hardcore ab and lifting workouts. I felt great and hoped it would set  me up for a good weekend. Unfortunately that all changed Saturday morning, when a race I had hoped to run, ended up never being put together. Information was online and up to date, but when I showed up around 8:30 Saturday, all that I found was an empty parking lot covered in snow.

Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?

I ended up turning around, went home and mapped out a new plan for the day. I was feeling good, a little mentally let down, but I was excited to get 6 miles in. Within a matter of 30 seconds after starting my run, the weather turned for the worse and it was nearly impossible to keep my head up to see. I remapped my plan to try for 4 miles outside, and finish up with 2 on the indoor track and maybe get some cycling in. Right before 2 miles, I started feeling a pain in my ankle, so much and so rapidly, I turned around, cut out the back way and finished my run short. I got home and hit a low point, I kept beating myself up over a bad run, and then rebelling starting to figure out a plan to get it done the next day. When Sunday rolled around and I had pain in my knee, I knew it was best to actually take my rest day. My long run was a failure, but I was listening to my body, something I ignored way too much last year. I now know that I’m running on my left leg differently. I was babying my knee for so long, that I’ve placed other joints at risk. It also didn’t help that I was running on snow, so my footing was different than usual. As frustrating as it was, I knew I did the right thing by getting off my feet and taking it easy the rest of the weekend.

Monday:Rest Day

Tuesday: 3 Mile Run

Wednesday: 2 Mile Run, 2.85 Miles Cycling

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 3.35 Miles

Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles: 8.35 Miles Run, 2.85 Mile Cycling

It wasn’t my best week, but I can’t go into another race being completely hurt. I’m hoping this is just a bump in the road and this next week will be absolutely great for my training. It’s my first week of yoga-lates, so I’m hoping this will help to perk up my attitude and I can finish the week with a smile.

Have you ever let a bad run ruin your weekend? How do you recover from a bad run?