A love affair…

I was looking forward to having a long weekend to get plenty of miles in, but I cheated. I cheated on running with my bike. And I have to admit, I enjoyed it.

Back track, Friday after work I went out for what I thought would be a relaxing run,  I ended up doing more of a tempo run. I felt great, and since I can do the distance, I need to work on a quicker time. Saturday, after my morning class, Darren and I headed up to Eddy’s so he could finally get his bike. This is where it began. After numerous suggestions of things I think he may have needed, we got out of there and headed to South Mastick in Rocky River Reservation, my fav place in the parks. 12.5 miles later we were in love, with our bikes. I feel much better biking this summer compared to last, because I’m actually in shape, running and biking have turned my legs into beasts. Starving and energized we met up with my friend and her bf at Bonnie’s Lounge in Fairview Park later that night, good food and good company.

Sunday, usually a day I dread, was welcomed for once. We went and saw the Hangover 2. Good, still can’t decided if the first was better or not. Couldn’t waste the beautiful day, so we were out on the bike path again, this time south of Berea and into some not so populated areas. I won’t be going out that way alone any time soon. Only able to do 6. 5 miles, trying to beat the storm, but it still felt good to be out there.

Monday was my recovering day, I haven’t caught up on sleep since the Cleveland Half, leaving me exhausted, and my apartment starting to grow dust kittens. Ok, it could just be the fact that my cat sheds as much as I do, but I had a ton of things I needed to clean. Regardless, I had planned a productive day, until I found a stack of Runner’s World magazines and the Sex and the City marathon on tv. I did come up with some ideas for future races, more to come later this week! But an evening run was on the schedule and there was no way I could skip it after not running since Friday. Hello humidity! Probably one of the worst runs this year, overall I felt good, but couldn’t breathe. I was able to sweat out all of the bad food and drinks I had consumed this weekend.

Looking forward, this is pre-race week! The Girls with Sole 5k is Sunday. I’m hoping the humidity will calm down and the weather will cooperate. As of now it will be a low of 63 and a high of 77 with no rain 🙂 Right now, it’s just carbo load, not a problem, and some easy mile the rest of the week.

Asics over heels

After a busy weekend, I’m looking forward to doing easy miles, and finally running after a week off. Saturday was filled with morning class and a wedding in PA, the night was filled with good food, good alcohol and a pretty handsome date. The downside of the night was my feet were not a fan of three inch heels, causing my left calf and arch to cramp up all night long. Lesson learned, don’t wear heels 6 days after running a half.

Luckily Sunday my feet recovered and I was looking forward to enjoying an evening work out. Made a stop at Eddy’s Bike shop in North Olmsted, looking for bikes for Darren, and I was sucked in to at least browsing the collection of items I would love to have. I ended up getting a CamelBak to take on the long, hot rides I plan on doing this summer. Can’t wait to try it out.

Then came the moment I’ve been waiting for, slipping on those muddy Asics and lacing them up to go for a run. Much more comfortable than heels. Legs felt great, and my body felt fully recovered from the half. Only thing I wasn’t used to was the humidity, what happened to spring? Looking into the forecast, I couldn’t let the good weather slip and headed out for a bike ride. Unfortunately the roads in the metro parks are filled with potholes and cracks. Looks like I’ll be sticking to the pathway until the roads are fixed. Next item I need to invest in..new biking shorts. The lack of padding doesn’t make for a comfortable ride.