Pre race jitters

Nervous? Yes.

Scared? Not really.

Excited? Absolutely!

Sunday is the Columbus Half Marathon. After a couple of weekends off from races, I’m nervous all over again. But these are the excited nerves. There is so much to look forward to on Sunday….

  • This is my 4th half marathon this year. Remember how scared I was for my first one?
  • After Sunday I will be a half fanatic!
  • Sunday will be the first half marathon for a fellow Muskie and an old friend from high school.
  • Traveling down 71 allows me to meet up with some other friends who now call C-bus “home”
  • It’s Expo time, and I love Expo time!
  • The most exciting thing…it’s Kimi’s first marathon!! Her journey to Columbus has been amazing and she’s going to rock on Sunday!

As for me this weekend, I’m excited to see what Columbus has to offer. I’m hoping to get a time of around 2:15, maybe even 2:10. My body feels much better after taking a week and a half off after Akron. And no knee plains, which means I can run a stronger race than I have been. At this point, it’s all about enjoying the race and being proud to say that I can run 13.1 miles.

A Win for the Buckeyes

The Friday before Labor Day we received free tickets to the OSU game. While it seemed like an exciting thing, and of course you can never turn down free tickets, neither of us really wanted to head down to Columbus for the long weekend. But we did anyway. I’ve never been up so early for a football game. We were up and down to the tailgating spot by 10:00, which they said was late compared to usual.

Ready to go!

I’d say it wasn’t ideal weather. It was about 95 but felt like 100+. And I’d felt a little off all week, so the heat definitely wasn’t making me feel any better. But it was great to see the Buckeyes play for the first time. And they won so that was a bonus…..Here’s to football season!

Runner Needed, Apply Within

Looking into my race calendar, I may need to make some changes. I was supposed to do the Winking Lizard with Darren, the two mile event, but he found out this weekend that there happens to be a bachelor party the same day as the race. I don’t blame him for picking the party, I’m even jealous he gets to go white water rafting. This means I won’t have anyone to do the two mile event with. So if anyone would like to be my partner, it’s only two miles, let’s get started! 🙂

I’m also looking at how my July races are shaping up. Changes, which of one I’ll reveal later on will be making July super busy for me. All of my free time will be spent packing, something I hate doing. July is my moving month, woohoo! Pretty sure I’ve been waiting for this for some time. This shouldn’t change too much, but it could put the July 9th race as a day of decision. Good news is that the rest of the races on the calendar should be staying put.

Small post, but nothing too exciting. This weekend was Columbus part two, actually Marion. Great time and I’m looking forward to heading back down again. Also for all of you that love food, there’s a place in Waldo (near Marion) that has famous bologna sandwiches. So next time you happen to find Waldo, pun intended, check out the G&R Tavern.

Andddd this time next week I’ll be on my way to North Carolina! Countdown begins….

Columbus, let’s play!

For the next couple of weekends, I’ll be leaving the beautiful shores of Lake Erie to head to Columbus. All of which, I’m looking forward to, knowing they’ll lead up to my big trip to North Carolina!

First, I’ve completed my list of the 25 half marathons I’m going to be doing! The next challenge comes with organizing when I’m going to run these. April and October are full months, so I know these will have to be done each year. Other than that I have no schedule, except for a few races I’d like to do next year. 2012 race tab will be up soon!

Second, the Tour de Cure comes to Columbus this weekend! I’m not riding because I have a a final in the morning, but Darren’s sister (Nicole) is riding the 100 mile century ride. Yep, 100 miles. I’ve give her so much credit for doing this, and for a great cause.

Third, the class of 2011 graduates from the Ohio State University Sunday. Not only is Nicole riding in the Tour de Cure this weekend, but she is graduating from OSU on Sunday. Big weekend for her!

So this weekend will be busy, but fun. And I’m hoping to get some runs in at new places. As well as a congrats to all 2011 graduates 🙂