Columbus Marathon Training: Week 2

Now that week one is over, the fear of how hard this training will be has slightly calmed down. My biggest goal for last week was to make it through my long run. If I could do that, I could handle training. I’m quickly learning that doing the same 5 mile course will get old, so I’m trying out new routes and I’ve even added in a track day! I didn’t originally plan for a track workout, but some time during the work day, I started craving 800’s. (Apparently marathon training will make you do crazy things, I actually despise 800’s). I ended up doing 4 800’s and negative split on all of them! Surprisingly it felt great, the track was soft, comforting and instantly brought back memories of high school. I know track workouts will help me in the long run, so the goal is to do one at least every two weeks, maybe even one a week.

Monday: 5 Miles

Tuesday: 4 Miles

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 3.45 Miles

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 12 Miles, Winking Lizard Relay

Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles: 24.45 Miles

Thursday and Saturday’s runs were tough. I was still a bit sore from the track workout earlier in the week. Saturday’s long run was 12 miles. I had the Winking Lizard relay in the evening, so I figured I’d do at least 8 in the morning, and finish up the rest that night. The weather was definitely cooler than last week, but I was a little dehydrated when I started. I knew it would be a tough run, and it was. I was cramping by mile 7 and at this point, Sport Beans and water wouldn’t make it stop. I was on an out and back so the only way home was running. I ended up with 10, but my body was beat.

Saturday night was Winking Lizard Relay. This was meant to be a fun run with my non runner friends. Not sure how I tricked them into this one. It was a great event and my legs felt wonderful. Race recap will follow this week!

How do you balance a long run and a race in one day?

Marathon Promises

Today is day one. The first of many in what is now becoming my next adventure, training for the Columbus Marathon. I’m still very unsure about the idea of running 26.2 miles, but I’m also excited to see just how far I can push myself and become an even better runner. To start myself on the right foot, I’ve made some promises.

  • Don’t over do it. This will be hard, but I’ll have to ease myself into the first couple of weeks. I can’t just jump into double digit runs before getting some good base miles in. I also don’t want to push myself too far where I’m in constant pain for miles. I’ll need to find a balance.
  • Cross train. I love my bike and I’ve neglected it some, so I need to spend some quality time with it. The only thing holding me back, is the fear of traffic. I’ll just have to ride smart and find the best routes for me.
  • Pay attention to pain. I’ve had knee pain since March, and have yet to see a doctor. Maybe that’s because it goes away, or maybe because I’m afraid to hear the words, “Stop running.” Either way, I need to pay attention to pain and aide it right away.
  • Build some muscle. Remember way back in the winter when I was lifting a small amount. I want to pick that back up. I want to tone my entire body, not just my legs. If my body is stronger, those miles may seem a little easier.
  • Eat healthier. I’m guilty when it comes to eating a poor diet. I’d live off pasta if I could. I’ve made small attempts at eating better, but I fall back into what’s quick and easy. This time I really want to stay on a good path. Goodbye ice cream and snacks.
  • Have fun. Honestly, this is most important. I’m only going to run one marathon, so I might as well enjoy it. It’s going to be an experience, and I may get frustrated, upset, emotional, etc… But the feeling after crossing that finish line in October will be like no other. So I’m going to have fun.

And it begins. 111 days until Columbus Marathon….

Taking the plunge….

I’ve realized that I’m at a point in my life that I’m happy with everything I’ve accomplished so far. I feel very grateful for everything that I have and there are no major¬†complaints about my life. But I’ve had a lot of friends that ask if I’m ready to take the plunge. I’m in my mid-twenties, it’s the perfect time; there is nothing to really hold me down from accomplishing so much more that I have on my list. So…..

I registered for my first MARATHON!!

That’s 26.2 Miles!

I am officially registered for the Columbus Marathon in October! I must be crazy….

Just a few things

While I’m in Canada, I wanted to fill you in a few fun things.

This past weekend we hit the slopes to enjoy the most recent snow storm. Last year I tried snowboarding and after remembering my large amount of falls, I wanted to try something easier and safer. So I decided that I’d spend a few hours skiing. I’ve never done downhill, but I grew up doing cross-country skiing, so I felt I kind of had an idea of what I was doing (not really). I took the beginners lesson so I wouldn’t completely embarrass myself. I definitely learned the basics and felt comfortable going down the easy hills. However, an 8-year-old in the group showed me up and was better than me the first time down, he also didn’t believe that I was in my mid-20’s so I had lost all faith from him. I spent a couple of hours on the easy slopes until Darren tricked me to try a harder one. Sorry buddy, it wasn’t easy and I pretty much had a panic attack on the top of the mountain.

Notice the harder hill I was tricked into

Somehow I made it down, secretly proud of myself that I could do it after just a few hours of learning, but didn’t want to try it again that day. I plan on going a few more times this year, and eventually investing in making it my winter sport. Of course nothing compares to running.

Skiing 101= Survival

Next up, I’m running Cleveland Half for a reason. I’ve decided that the Cleveland Half marathon will be dedicated to running for Team JDRF, the Juvenile¬†Diabetes Research Foundation. My goal is to raise $500 by Cleveland to help support those who are looking to cure this disease. No surprise, the reason I’m doing this is for Darren, who was diagnosed with Diabetes when he was just 3 years old. I appreciate any donations and encourage you to learn more about Diabetes.

The final and maybe most exciting thing is….there are 3 more days until Columbus registration opens up! I haven’t even started training or planning for this, but I’m already getting excited, I can’t help but get goose bumps every time I think about it. 2012 is the year of races!

Pre race jitters

Nervous? Yes.

Scared? Not really.

Excited? Absolutely!

Sunday is the Columbus Half Marathon. After a couple of weekends off from races, I’m nervous all over again. But these are the excited nerves. There is so much to look forward to on Sunday….

  • This is my 4th half marathon this year. Remember how scared I was for my first one?
  • After Sunday I will be a half fanatic!
  • Sunday will be the first half marathon for a fellow Muskie and an old friend from high school.
  • Traveling down 71 allows me to meet up with some other friends who now call C-bus “home”
  • It’s Expo time, and I love Expo time!
  • The most exciting thing…it’s Kimi’s first marathon!! Her journey to Columbus has been amazing and she’s going to rock on Sunday!

As for me this weekend, I’m excited to see what Columbus has to offer. I’m hoping to get a time of around 2:15, maybe even 2:10. My body feels much better after taking a week and a half off after Akron. And no knee plains, which means I can run a stronger race than I have been. At this point, it’s all about enjoying the race and being proud to say that I can run 13.1 miles.