A Weekend Celebration

A little over four years ago, I made the decision to go to Baldwin Wallace to get my MBA. Within that first month, I met a guy who caught my attention, and four years later he still makes me smile. Over the weekend we celebrated spending 4 amazing years together in the city where our relationship grew.

We headed to Wooster Saturday evening and started with dinner at my favorite restaurant, Broken Rocks Cafe.  As always I had the Spaghetti & Meatballs and Darren had the Tomato Basil soup and Cajun Chicken. Both great meals and highly recommended. Afterward we headed to City Square Steakhouse for additional drink(s) and dessert, which is where we finished up the night before heading back to the hotel. It was so great to get away to a place we love and enjoy some of our favorite sites of Wooster.

So here’s to 4 years and many, many more!


Happy Valen-versary!

This past weekend was a pretty fun one. The fact that Valentine’s Day fell on a week day and the hour distance made it a little hard for Darren and I to get together. We also have our anniversary coming up in a week, but someone decided they wanted to go snowboarding in Colorado that weekend (hint: not me) So we celebrated both Valentine’s Day and our anniversary this weekend.

We started Saturday with a trip to the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium. It was super busy, we had to wait an hour in line just to get our tickets. The structure was absolutely amazing and I loved seeing all of the sea creatures. It is definitely a place for those of you who have kids, they will love it.

My favorite

Check out those teeth!

“Can I swim with him?”

After the aquarium we headed to the IX Center for the Cleveland Golf Show. This part of the day was purely for Darren, I still don’t think I understand golf any better than before. But he had fun, and I was content after I found a giant glass of wine to keep me company.

“Look how good I am”

After a long day we headed to Nemo Grille, absolutely amazing. This is defitenly a date night restaurant, and everything on the menu is superb!

Yumm…Salmon 🙂

It was a fantastic weekend, tons of fun on our day dates, an amazing dinner and exchange of a few gifts. I’d say I’m pretty lucky 🙂