The Road to Recovery

Oh, hello. It’s been a while. Seven weeks to be exact. I didn’t intend to let the blog sit empty for so long, but it was a rough couple of weeks, months really. The last time I wrote, I gave an update on my injury. So let’s catch up, shall we?

Since the appointment where I found out I had two stress fractures, I was on a roller coaster of emotions. Instead of thinking I’d need a few weeks off, I ended up taking two months off. Sixty days came and went from my last long run to my first steps back on the treadmill.  I spent three weeks in a boot, and worked my way to walking on the treadmill for extended periods of time. Mentally, I was in a deep, dark area, but I was also able to figure out what I needed and what I wanted. Not only in running, but also in life. When you have time off of running, you spend a lot of time thinking.

I’m excited to say that I’ve started running again. Well, slow jogging really. I’m taking the cautious way back into running, and taking things slow. I was nervous to make that transition from walking to slow running, but I couldn’t hold off forever. When one of your best friends is a PT, she helps you take that leap of faith and the first steps of running once again.

First run in 60 days!

First run in 60 days!

Those first steps were awkward and timid, but exciting! I didn’t know when I’d be able to run again, or if I’d want to try, for fear that I would still be injured. But I tried, and I did it. And those three minutes of extremely slow and awkward running, were the best moments I’d had in two months.

So what happens now? I have a plan set to get me slowly back to a comfortable pace, but also making sure I stay healthy and uninjured. It’s a 30 minute workout that includes both walking and running, building myself up to a full 30 minutes of running, and I’ll do it every other day as long as I’m pain free. So far I’ve done 3×9 minute walking/1 minute jogging and 3x 8 minute walking/2 minute jogging. It’s a slow process, but the minutes I get to spend running (even at a very slow pace) are magical.

I’ve also been adamant on doing abs and lifting as well. The goal is to try to do an ab workout everyday and lift on the days I run. I know doing this extra bit will help to keep me healthy and fit, but hopefully keep any injury away. And maybe I’ll get back into yoga, but let’s not rush it.

I have no time goals set or a certain mileage I want to hit each week. I just want to come back healthy and hopefully stronger than before. It wasn’t until I was truly injured, that I took a step back and realized there were things that needed to be changed, and what I need to do in the future to make myself a better running.

I’m no where near where I was, and I’ve got a long road ahead of me. But I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, and I couldn’t be more excited!

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