Weekly Fitness Recap

This was not your typical week. I spent part of my week in Ohio and part of it in Seattle, Washington. Thanks to the holiday, we were able to turn the long weekend into a mini vacation and visit my sister for Thanksgiving. I didn’t get as much running in as I had originally planned, but we did a lot of walking, including hiking a mountain!

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 3 Miles + Abs
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 4.5 Miles Hiked + 3 Miles Walked
Friday: 7 Miles Walked
Saturday: 5 Miles Walked
Sunday: 13.39 Miles – Seattle Half Marathon + 4 Miles Walked
Total Miles: 16.39 Miles Run + 4.5 Miles Hiked + 19 Miles Walked
Tuesday I stuck to the treadmill and did an easy three miles. Like last week, every half mile I would up the speed. It certainly helped to make time go by quicker, but I’ll need to look into more treadmill workouts if I want to survive another winter. Any suggestions on treadmill workouts? I followed my run up with some ab work and a side of Cheez it Grooves. All about balance, right?

Thursday was our first full day in Seattle. Instead of running, we took the day to go hiking on Tiger Mountain. It was an absolutely beautiful day, completely clear of clouds. It was a steep hike at times, but the views were worth it.


I’ll trade sidewalks for this view any day!


Seriously? So much better than Turkey dinner.

We followed that up with an additional 3 miles of walking around the city. I typically don’t log my steps/miles walked, but wanted to keep track this week since we did a ton of walking around Seattle.

Friday I didn’t get a chance to run, I was pretty sore from the hike so I decided to take a rest day. We ended up with around 7 miles of walking in the city. I have to admit, I’m not used to so much walking, so my legs were getting tired, I even starting getting a few almost blisters on my feet. Vacation is hard sometimes 😉

On Saturday I had good intentions of running, but the lazy factor kicked in. We ended up walking 5 miles around the city, and checked out the race expo. By this time I was a bit nervous for Sunday’s race. I’d done barely any running all week and spent a ton of time on my feet. I felt like I was setting myself up for a disastrous race.


Ready to race!

Sunday, I ran the Seattle Half Marathon. I’ll have a recap up later this week. It ended up being a great race, one that I highly recommend. It was also a lot hillier than I originally thought. And if that wasn’t enough, we walked (hobbled) an additional 4 miles.

Overall my running mileage was low for the week, but I walked a lot more than I typically do, I hiked 4.5 miles with 1,770 gain, and ran a hilly half marathon. It was an active week, but spread out among many activities.

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