Akron Half Marathon Training

Well, here we are. Back to day one of a new training cycle. I have to admit, I’ve been working on this training plan for months. I’ve changed it more times than I can remember, but I think I’m finally happy with it. It’s a little more intense than I’m used to, and will be a bit harder in the beginning coming off a running rut. But I’m excited and looking forward to the next 16 weeks.

Here’s a look at what to expect….

Timing: We’re back to a 16 week plan, but I’m certain that 14 weeks is best for me. The only reason I pushed it out to 16 was to accommodate for the two weeks in August that I’ll be busy getting married and enjoying my honeymoon. The extra two weeks will hopefully give me enough time to prepare before, and as long as I do some running in those two weeks, I shouldn’t be too far behind when I get back to reality.

Cross training: I know, I know, I always say I’ll cross train. But this time I will! Summer is the perfect time to get out and walk the neighborhood on rest days, bike into town and practice yoga on the deck. I’m struggling to find a yoga class that works, mostly fits my schedule of evening practice, but I’ve found a short term solution. I started watching Jasyoga videos, and they’re easy to follow. I can do them on my own time, and pick as many as I want.

Healthy Habits: I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got a Fit Bit back in April, and I regret I didn’t get it sooner! I’ve realized how far I am from my 10,000 step goal on rest days, how little sleep I actually get, and how much water I’m not drinking. I’m hoping that by paying attention to my Fit Bit more, I can find a good balance and hopefully not wear myself down. Here’s what I’ve found so far, which is actually disappointing.

-Average of 21 ounces of water a day

-Average of 6,000 steps a day

-Average of 4.5 hrs of sleep, 180 minutes restless

-Average of 200 calories under consumed per day

And I wondered why I was always so exhausted and unmotivated! The proof is in the pudding. I’m definitely not sleeping enough and it is causing problems. I know I need to make some changes and here’s where I’d like to be.

-Average of 60 ounces of water a day

-Average of 12,000 steps a day (on running days)

-Average of 5.5-6 hrs of sleep, 100 minutes restless at night

-Average of 200 calories over consumed per day (and eat healthier)

Training: Training this time around is going to be harder. For the longest time, I’ve accepted myself as an average runner, and never felt the need to push myself  beyond my comfort zone. And while that’s perfectly fine, I know at some point I need to push myself just a little bit further. So here’s what I’ve changed for this training cycle.

-Higher mileage. I plan on staying between 30-35 miles per week, with the exception of a few weeks. This also means running 5 days a week, and not dipping below 4 miles for a workout.

-Speed workouts. I excelled at running 800’s last year, and was right on time with almost every workout. This time I wanted to try something different, so I’ll be alternating between 400’s, 800’s and 1600’s to hopefully make myself quicker.

-Races as workouts. I used races as workouts when I ran sub 2:00 last year. I was able to get my mileage in, but I also worked a little harder for it, helping me control my pace and race smart.

-Pre planning. Outside of my regular excel file that holds my plan, I have a second that already has every location for each run planned out. I have 10 different locations randomly thrown into my schedule, so I know ahead of time where I’ll be running and what I’ll be running. This should hopefully prevent burnout and help to keep my mind fresh.

-Fueling. I know I need to work on my fueling plan, and this time I’m open to new ideas and products. I have a sensitive stomach so I have to be careful of what I take. I’ve picked up a few new products and I’m looking forward to trying them on my long runs.


After all is said and done, I’ll have 16 weeks to train for the Akron Half Marathon. I’m hoping to stick to the plan as close as I can, but we all know that things come up and sometimes a run is missed. I hope to push myself more than I have and become a better, stronger runner. Here’s what we have to look forward to…


Only 110 days to go!!

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