Wedding Wednesday

This post is going to combine April and May, because time got away from me. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks with work, traveling and not enough hours in the day. Luckily, we’ve been able to get a bunch of things done. Time is going by quickly, and we’re down to just a little under three months!

Here’s what we got done these past two months.

-Ordered invitations

-Sized wedding bands

-Prepared wine bottles for painting (work in progress, always)

-First dress fitting

-Finalized reception dinner menu

-Finished our wedding registry

-Finished our wedding website

-Started bridesmaid gifts

These past two months had some fun projects like picking out our wedding invitations. I used Wedding Paper Diva, just like for my Save the Dates, and everything was very easy. They were proofed and on my front door step within a week of ordering them. And somehow, we stayed under budget!

We also had our reception dinner tasting to find out what we wanted. I have to save, it was probably my second favorite day of planning a wedding. Number one being the day I found my dress. The food was absolutely amazing, and had to pick just a few that we would be serving. It was also the first time we would see our newly renovated ceremony location. It has been under construction for the past few months, but now it is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait for the guest to see it.



With three months to go, everything will really start to pick up and time will by flying by! I’m starting to get more excited as the day gets closer, and surprisingly not stressed out. As someone who has anxiety over everything, I’m not sure how this is possible.

I know I’ll be tempted to go out and enjoy the warm weather instead of work on projects, but here’s what I want to accomplish by next month:

-Address invitations

-Finish centerpieces

-Finish bridesmaid gifts

-Meet with makeup artist

-Decide on wedding favors

-Book ceremony music

-Buy box for cards

-Order our guest book

-Prepare escort table decorations

-Finalize formal wear

-Book honeymoon flights


With three months to go, what should I focus on that I’m missing?


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