HOF Half Marathon Training: Week Twelve & Thirteen

Where have the past two weeks gone? I missed a recap of week 12 of training, so I’m combining it with week 13. My training has been going a little better, but nothing like I had originally planned. I realized that I’m pretty good about getting my long run in, but I fail to hit my weekday runs. I guess I failed to realize how many other things I’d have going on with planning a wedding. Not to mention my level of stress is off the charts.

Week 12

Monday- 0

Tuesday- 0

Wednesday- 4 Miles

Thursday- 0

Friday- 0

Saturday- 3 Miles

Sunday- 8 Miles

Total Miles- 15 Miles

Wednesday I opted to forgo my weekly speed training and decided to do a nice 4 miler around the neighborhood. The weather was perfect and I felt great. I didn’t spend time worrying I was going too fast, and I only checked my watch for my mile splits. It was the type of run where you just let everything happen on its own. I ended up with 4 miles in a little over 33 minutes. One of my strongest and fastest runs in a long time.


Saturday I did an easy 3 miles just to keep my legs moving. I felt good and probably should have gone further than I did. Sunday I met up with Mo and we ran part of the back half of the Medina half course, followed by a few miles around downtown and Roscoe park. This was my first run in temperatures higher than 60 for the year, and I was definitely overdressed. We both slogged through these miles, regretting a 2:00pm start and our choice in clothing.


Week 13

Monday- 0

Tuesday-4.5 Miles, 1 Mile w/u, 3×1600-8:11, 8:10, 8:00, 1 Mile c/d

Wednesday- 0

Thursday- 0

Friday- 0

Saturday- 0

Sunday- 7 Miles

Total Miles-11.5 Miles

I was finally able to get back on the outdoor track this week! Mo and I decided to run mile repeats, a nice little break from 800’s. We planned on keeping it between 8:30-8:20 to keep things conservative, but we ended up quicker than we thought. It wasn’t until after the workout was finished that I realized we held a good conversation during repeats. I guess this means it’s time to push myself to go faster!

Back on the track!

Back on the track!

I had full intentions to run on Wednesday, but was plagued with a migraine, so I spent the day on the couch. So fast forward to Sunday. A busy week had kept me from getting some mileage in, so I aimed to get at least 6 in for my last long run before race day. Mallory, Mo and I met at Lester for some easy miles on the trail. I met them there and accidentally pushed myself to an 8:40 pace on the first mile. Thankfully once we met up, we slowed to a 9:30 pace. Slow didn’t stay slow for long, and we bounced around from an 8:50 pace to 9:20 pace. After running back home, I ended up with 7 for the day, and my first shorts and tank top tan.


This week will be the final week of training, and honestly, I’m ready. I’m ready to wrap this up and start fresh. I’ve had my ups and lows with this cycle, but I’m in need of a new start and a better focus on running, lifting and core. But despite my doubts, I think I’m pretty well prepared. I’ve hit my long runs and I worked on my speed. The hardest part is my lack of confidence and increase of stress on race day.

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