HOF Half Training: Week Six

This week didn’t go as originally planned. I wanted to work towards my goal of hitting 100 miles for February, but that idea quickly diminished after multiple things kept popping up that kept me from running. Wedding planning took over big time this week and it felt like almost every day I was meeting with someone or doing something from the wedding. Unfortunately, this meant training took a back seat.

Monday- 0
Tuesday- 0
Wednesday- 1 Mile
Thursday- 5.5 Miles, 1 Mile w/u, 5×800 with 400m recovery, 1 Mile c/d
Friday- 0
Saturday- 0
Sunday- 10 Miles
Total Miles-16.5 Miles

Such low mileage, it’s embarrassing. Since I couldn’t make Tuesday’s speed work, I pushed it to Wednesday, but for some reason my knee had a twinge that made me nervous to continue past my warm up mile. So I decided to play it safe and call it.

Thursday I knew I had to run something, so I did my speedwork. I felt ok, but probably didn’t push myself as much as I could. But I was glad I didn’t push it off.

Saturday was supposed to be my long run, and after waking up to a temperature of -15, I knew I’d be on the treadmill, then we had some unexpected visitors, and so I pushed my long run to Sunday. I spent my long run on the treadmill while another storm was dumping snow outside. I’m almost to the point that if I’m going to be on the treadmill, I’d rather run long than short, but I still don’t love it.

I made my way through more episodes of Friends, currently at season 2, and started to feel tightness in my left hip by mile 9. After another mile, the soreness wasn’t going away and I knew it was caused by the way I was landing on the treadmill. So instead of 11 miles, I stopped at 10 and stretched out as much as I could.

Not my best week, but I’m still hitting my speed workouts and my long runs, everything else is just recovery. I ended up with 77 miles for February, which honestly is my highest mileage yet for that month, and still higher than the 63 I ran in January. I’m thinking of going on a break with my treadmill, now that we’re supposed to have a heat wave of 30-40 degrees. I hope that with the end of February, we’re done with the cold, miserable, snowy weather and I can finally enjoy some outdoor running.

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