HOF Half Marathon Training: Week Five

What a week. I was stressed from almost every single angle, and running was the only way to keep me semi sane. I think I have reached my breaking point with winter. These brutal temps and deep snow have me longing for warmer weather, and right about now, I’m considering anything above 25 degrees tropical!

Monday- 0

Tuesday- 7.5 Miles, 2 Mile W/U, 5×800 w/400 repeats, 2 Mile C/D

Wednesday- 2 Miles

Thursday- 0

Friday- 0

Saturday- 10 Miles

Sunday- 7 Miles

Total Miles-26.5 Miles

Tuesday was a much needed speed workout. We started with two miles on the track and 5×800 repeats on the treadmill. It was pretty busy and abnormally hot at the rec, so these weren’t pleasant, but it was nice to run somewhere other than my basement.

Wednesday was a rough day. It was uncomfortably warm in the basement and my iPad’s battery died after 2 miles. I definitely wasn’t feeling the run, so I just called it. I also noticed a bit of a pull in my arch, hoping it was just the angle I was running, and that it doesn’t lead to anything serious.

The normal view these days

The normal view these days

Saturday I was determined to hit my long run, one way or another. I had thought of joining the group run, but when I noticed how quickly the snow was coming down, I decided to attempt the treadmill. I broke it up into episodes of Friends, and upped my pace at every new episode. I’m not sure how, but I made it. 10 miles on the treadmill is rough!

Sunday I met up with Mallory and Mo to run outside for the first time in two weeks! It was chilly, but absolutely wonderful, and just what I needed to get rid of some cabin fever. We ended up with 7 miles around town, about 9 minute average pace. While it felt amazing to get outside, my legs were a little tight later on in the day from all the hills and inclines.

It hit me that we’re already getting into week 6, and I feel that I’m at a much better point this year, than I ever have been for a spring half. Looking forward, all of my long runs will be between 10-14 miles with the exception of two cut back weeks. And even though I had a tough start, I feel more confident than I ever have at the end of February. What’s most surprising is I’ll be ending the shortest month of the year with almost 100 miles…which has never happened. I’m still debating if I want to push for 29 miles in six days, but I’m already close so I might as well!


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