Wedding Wednesday

Another month has gone by and now we’re just 7 months away from getting married! This month was a little tricky with the holidays, but it helped that I had vacation days to get a bunch of things accomplished as well. Here’s what we’ve done in the past month.

-Created short list of honeymoon locations
-Finalized guest list and addresses
-Researched Florists
-Researched Cakes
-Researched DJs
-Started our gift registry
-Started collecting pieces for our place cards table
-Picked our first dance song
-Picked father-daughter dance song
-Mailing out save the dates this weekend!

Something we knew we wanted to get narrowed down this past month was our honeymoon location. We knew we wanted a beach, but there are just so many places out there to see, it’s hard to narrow it down. Luckily, we’ve got it down to three and we should have it down to one in just a few weeks. Now it’s just time to do the pros and cons list of each location!

One of the fun things we started this month was working on the table for our place cards. I found a unique idea to display place cards so I’ve started gathering material and creating a plan. I’m crossing my fingers it comes out just like I imagine it. It’s still a secret for now, but I’m really excited for this unique idea!

I wanted to get my save the dates out last week, but just didn’t have time. So they’ll be in the mail this weekend. I waited until a few weeks after Christmas because I didn’t want them getting lost with old Christmas cards and accidentally thrown away. Addressing all the envelopes took a long time, but it also started to make things seem real!

With seven months to go, there’s still a decent amount of time left, but I want to make sure I stay on top of things. So far I haven’t been stressed out, and don’t spend as much time working on wedding things like I thought I would. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m behind. Anyway, here’s what I hope to get accomplished within the next month

-Book our honeymoon
-Book the cake baker
-Create short list of rehearsal dinner restaurants
-Design invitations
-Book florist
-Book officiant
-Book DJ
-Order Guest Book
-Find my wedding day shoes
-Finish our wedding website

Have I missed any big task yet?

2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Alicia says:

    Your list seems pretty on par with mine – I think my wedding is about two months after. We’re still struggling with the guest list though, so good for you for having that settled! That is such a stressor 😦

  2. masher52 says:

    The guest list was a little difficult for us as well, but once we got that done, everything seemed to work out. I think it’s best to tackle one project at a time, helps with the stress!

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