Friday Faves

It’s hard to believe that another month is almost over. Time to take a look at this months favorite things!

AllTrails – I found this website when I started looking for local trails, then I discovered the app for my phone. You can search by location, or specific needs like biking or dog friendly. I’ve found a ton of new trails I can’t wait to explore, and now I have no excuse for not having enough trail runs this summer!

Hart of Dixie – This has been my latest Netflix addiction, even though it’s a few years old. I went through season one and two in an embarrassingly quick amount of time, and liked it better than I thought. I’m still waiting on season three to be uploaded, but once it does, I’ll be unreachable for a few days.

Oiselle Stride Shorts – I used to wear spandex in HS and college, but after I graduated, I didn’t feel I was in shape enough for them. I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Stride Shorts and fell in love! They fit perfectly, hide sweat and they have a built in pocket. These are my new go to shorts for track days.

stride short with zip pocket

Sport Beans Protein Recovery Crisps – Jelly Belly has done it again. I discovered the recovery crisps last year, but had trouble finding them in stores. Now that I’m able to find them closer, I can’t help but buy a few bags at a time. These are perfect for post run hunger, especially when I have to drive home from a race. Plus they’re not heavy on the stomach, and gluten free/peanut free for those who follow a certain diet. Chocolate is by far the favorite flavor, in my opinion.

Nuun of the Month – Watermelon is the perfect summer flavor. It’s fun, refreshing and has a bunch of flavor. This was a limited flavor last year, but looks to back for the long haul. Right now all orders from Nuun ship for free through Sunday, June 29th. Be sure to stock up now!



What are your favorite things? What’s your summer drink of choice?

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