My Race Playlist

Every couple of months I change my music on my playlist, especially when I’m starting a new training cycle. I tend to keep a certain group of songs or artists that I’ve listened to forever, but I always try to add something new, so I don’t get too bored with it.

Now that I’ll be getting into more races through training, I need to focus on songs that will pump me up rather than remind me of the hundreds of laps I’ve done on the indoor track. I’ve started to refresh my playlist, but I still have some changes left to make. And after looking over my playlist, I’d say about 75% of the music are songs I’ve listened to for years! Good luck charms?


Old Favorites

  • Anberlin – I’ve been listening to them since high school. They’ll always be my favorite so they never get removed from my list. They also remind me how far I’ve come over the last couple years. Unfortunately, they’re ending their careers this year, so no more new music from them.
  • One Republic – Another good band from college, perfect songs for long runs and for speed workouts. One Republic was a staple for marathon training and their song “Marching On” pushed me through mile 24 of my marathon.
  • Kings of Leon, “Notion”/”The Runner” – These two songs turn up on almost every run, they’re just too good not to keep on my list.
  • Maroon 5 – I just imagine that Adam Levine is running with me, and that pretty much keeps me going.
  • Young the Giant, “My Body” – This song kept me going my entire Columbus training. There were so many times that I struggled with pain, but I kept going. My favorite line, “My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit, Cause I want more, cause I want more”
  • Chariots of Fire – This song has been on my playlist for years, and somehow always comes up when I need it most.

New Additions

  • Imagine Dragons – I got into them this past fall, and they’ve been a great addition to my list. I really get lost in their songs, which helps when I’m pushing through a rough workout.
  • Bastille – I mentioned them earlier this year that I downloaded their entire album. Their music is a little different, but I’m really starting to love this band and excited to add them to my list.
  • Katy Perry, “Dark Horse” – I’m never been one to love her songs, but they’re easy to listen to. The first time I heard this song, I loved it. It’s something completely different and helps pick up the speed when you’re struggling in a workout.

What’s on your race playlist? What songs should I add to mine?

5 thoughts on “My Race Playlist

  1. daydreamsandshoestrings says:

    I love thtat you shared this!!!! I think we are on the same wavelength lately, as I also have an upcoming post on music 🙂 There are a few on my current playlist that always seem to pop-up EXACTLY when I need them, such as Diddy “Coming Home” and Don Omar & Lucenzo “Danza Kuduro” (<– crazy fun beat!). PS – I never mentioned that I noticed the new blog design a few days ago – and I LOVE it!!! Have a great day!

  2. Jessica @ Anchored in CLE says:

    Great bands! I haven’t been listening to music much lately because I watch Netflix when I run on the treadmill, but now that the weather is (hopefully) warming up, I’ll need to create an outdoor running playlist. I like a ton of different music, but off the top of my head some “pump up” songs I like are Ellie Goulding (Burn); Closer by Tegan and Sara; Robyn (Call Your Girlfriend)… I think I’m going to start working on my playlist now haha!

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