Eating Healthy and Staying Fit

Something I wanted to focus on this year, and specifically this training cycle was eating healthy. Something I didn’t want to do was diet. In the past, I’ve noticed that eating poorly quickly results in running poorly, or at least feeling miserable while working out. I’ve been fortunate throughout my life that I never really need to worry about my weight, thanks to good genes and spending half my life running. But that doesn’t mean I’m always happy about my weight or the way I look. I’ve never been able to hit my goal weight, and gaining pounds has always been a challenge. You may roll your eyes, or stop reading this post, but gaining weight is just as hard as losing weight, especially when you’re a runner.

I’ve always had a goal weight that I thought would be balanced with my slim 5’1″ stature. A pound here or there would show up over time, but nothing really stuck. I decided this year, I would make my goal weight and keep it on. I’m still struggling in the kitchen, but I’ve started to cut out what isn’t healthy and things my body doesn’t approve of.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Cut out dairy- My body just doesn’t take dairy anymore, so I’ve unfortunately had to cut ice cream. Luckily I can still tolerate cheese (the most important food group) but I’ve had to improvise with other dairy products. As an alternative I use Lactaid milk in my coffee and take lactaid pills if I encounter dairy in food (mostly pizza, I won’t give that up)
  • I pack my lunch- I only have 30 minutes for lunch, so by the time I got somewhere I’d have to head back to the office. By bringing my lunch, I’m able to bring healthier options to eat and have a place to keep morning/afternoon snacks. My lunch of choice in winter is soup, which can be healthy depending on the brand. Spring and summer I usually bring fruit, lunch meat or chicken salad.
  • I’m staying hydrated-During the week I drink a lot of water, probably more than I need to. But by drinking all that H20, I’m keeping my body clean and taking care of my skin. I’ve just recently started to cut alcohol during the week, which was by accident. I feel better, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll stick to it. Here’s my typical work day hydration:
The key to staying hydrated

Lots of hydration means lots of bathroom breaks!

  • Cutting out junk- This is more of a goal than what I’m actually doing. I’m a big snacker, and when I snack, I don’t eat the healthiest. My junk snacks include chocolate poptarts, Entenmann’s mini muffins, and candy upon candy. It’s my biggest downfall and I know it needs to change. I’ve started to switch some of the afternoon snacks with mixed nuts and when the weather gets warmer I’ll be eating more fruits and carrots when I get that 3:30 hunger.
  • Healthy dinners- This one is pretty much in control. We have chicken and steak at least once a week for dinner, almost always with a side of veggies and some sort of potatoes. It’s a lot better than my once pasta every night habit.
  • Body Fusion- Body Fusion has been more than just a way to cross train, lifting has helped me tone my body more than I would have imagined. I’ve always had leg muscles, but I’m noticing my arms and shoulders are looking a lot better than they used to. I’m no longer just skin and bones.

So I’m not perfect and I struggle finding clothes that fit just like every other woman. But I’m looking at ways to become healthier, because I can’t live off pasta and Doritos forever. Ultimately the goal is to eat better not only during training but for the rest of my life, and if I can look good and feel good while doing it, why not!


Do you switch eating habits during training? What are your tips for eating healthy?

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