Friday Faves

Another month, and another round of my favorite items. Even though I spent most of the time traveling, I actually used almost all of these items while I was on the road, which is why they quickly became favorites!

Oiselle French Fleece Runfinity Scarf- This scarf is beyond warm! Imagine your favorite fleece hoodie wrapped around your neck. Yep, pure comfort! With our negative and single digit temperatures we’ve been having, this scarf became a necessity whenever I went outside.

-FlightView App My life revolved around this app the last few weeks. The perfect travel companion, FlightApp has become my favorite flight tracker app to use. It actually keeps everything up to date and includes real airport sounds to alert you of your flight status. Clearly, that’s why it’s my favorite.

Available on iTunes

Available on iTunes

-Duolingo App- I’ve finally started on my German! After testing out many apps, Duolingo quickly became my favorite. Without knowing the basics, I was quickly able to catch on and understand phrases and every day words. With over 51 skills available for each language, Duolingo is definitely helping me learn German at the pace I want without getting completely confused. 



Oiselle RandiesFun sayings and bright colors, what more could you want in a pair of underwear? I saw the original Rundies a few years ago, and couldn’t pass up the chance to get the Randies. Underwear or no underwear under your spandex, there is no debate when it comes to these. With minimal visible panty line, these Randies keep your bun warm in the winter and cool in the heat.

-Nuun of the month- Fruit Punch! I’ve been taking a tablet of Nuun Fruit Punch after every workout and I feel completely refreshed. The taste isn’t over powering like so many other fruit punch flavored sport drinks, which is why I can stomach it after any kind of workout. Right now, all orders are shipping for free from Nuun, but it expires tonight, so stock up today!

Those are my Friday Faves for this month. What are you currently crushing on?

3 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. daydreamsandshoestrings says:

    Oh – I’m excited to try the Duolingo App!!! Not that they really speak French here in Calgary…but I thought it would be nice to pick up a few phrases Thanks for sharing!!! PS – I’m also on an Oiselle kick!

    • masher52 says:

      I’ve thought about using Duolingo as a refresher every time I go to Toronto to brush up on my French. I seem to have forgotten a lot since high school.

      I hope you love their clothes! I’ve never worn an item I didn’t love from Oiselle!

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