Balancing Running and Traveling

Over the past month and a half I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. I’ve actually spent more time on the road than in the office or at home, so balancing working out and traveling has been a bit of a challenge. But over the past couple of years, I’ve come to accept the fact that January and February are the hardest training months because of travel and I’ve come up with ways to work around it. Whether you’re traveling for three days or for three weeks, each of these tips can apply to you and hopefully help you find some balance!

  • Stay hydrated! People tend to forget to drink water when traveling, and usually end up drinking more coffee or alcohol during trips. While it’s ok to have some fun, your body depends on water to keep you feeling fresh, especially when you’re training. When flying you should have 16 ounces for every two hours you spend in flight, and you should make sure to finish it before you land. Can’t stand the taste of water? Try adding Nuun to your drink to pump up the flavor.
  • Get enough sleep. Just like staying hydrated, not getting enough sleep can really wear you down on a trip. If you’re able to, try to stay on your regular schedule or adjust to your time zone. Sometimes, like traveling 3 time zones, you can’t stay on your own schedule. If this happens, then try to get as much sleep as you can the first night, this will help so you’re not playing catch up through the rest of the trip.
  • Plan your workouts ahead of time. Take a look at your schedule and try to find open gaps of time where you can fit in workouts. I know I can usually get a workout in on the first day of the trip because it’s set up day. You may have to switch to a morning run or evening run, but at least you’re still putting in the time and you can follow your training plan.
  • Explore the city. The best way to explore a new city is on foot, and what better way than by lacing up your shoes and heading out for a few miles? I love running in new cities because you get to see more than you would on a regular trip, plus the miles go by quickly! If you’re not sure where to go, ask the front desk of the hotel or check out lo-ca-lei-kki, a website and app that helps you find a local place to run while traveling!
  • Try new workouts. If you’re stuck inside and have to use the hotel’s gym, try to make it more exciting than limiting. Get on a machine you’ve never tried before or lift weights that you thought would be too heavy. You may be surprised to find what you like and add it to your regular routine.
  • Sign up for a race! Check online ahead of time to see if there will be a race going on while you’re in town. It’s a great way to get a workout in and see a new part of town. Plus you never know, you could end up running a PR or place in your age group! Check out Running in the USA to find local races when you travel.

There you have it, these are my top tips for balancing traveling and running. It can be a challenge to get all of your workouts in when you take a trip, but hopefully these will help you get them accomplished!

What are your tips for balancing running and traveling?

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